Let's face it. You're broke. Keeping in mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars you are paying in tuition, it's time to cut back on unnecessary spending and embrace reality. Here are some helpful tips from one stingy college student to the next. Your bank account will appreciate this.

1. Wait AT LEAST a day to make an impulse buy

"Wow, I really look great in this shirt. And look at that it's only $60." Potentially one of the most detrimental moments to our wallets, that ALL of us experience. Don't let that fancy new suit or boujee pair of shoes tell you that you look great the second you see them. After all, you don't get married after the first date. Take a moment, or a day, step back and think, "Will this be worth a paycheck?" Commonly you will find yourself regretting impulse buys, so make sure that you're actually in love with the item before you say "I do."

2. Carry around cash

Whether you know it or not, there's a hole in your wallet. It's that little piece of plastic that you always have trouble getting to work when you pay for something. Yes, I'm talking about your credit card. I find it so much easier to swipe than to hand over cash. When we buy things with cash, it is almost painful because you watch yourself lose money. Whereas, paying with a card, many develop a mindset involving something with the likes of "Oh, I won't have to worry about paying for that until my bill comes in the mail." Carrying around cash will make you want to get rid of it slower, compared to just a piece of plastic that tells you that you can afford anything.

3. Do not waste your money balling out on food

At the end of a long week, we all know that it is nearly impossible to not cash out on a nice dinner or an extra dessert. Be strong. It is ok to eat out in moderation but don't get hooked. It is time to dabble in some of the food in your pantry that you forgot existed.

4. Try to find ways to make money off of some of your hobbies 

People these days will buy ANYTHING. Do you enjoy throwing paint on a piece of paper? Sell it. Makeup connoisseur? Charge people to do their makeup. Instagram freak? Offer to edit people's posts for a couple of dollars. No matter how little you think your hobby may be, it can be extremely helpful or valuable to someone else. It's time to kick back, have some fun, and make a profit.

5. Don't stop into that coffee shop on your way home

You might have convinced yourself that a vanilla latte with an extra espresso shot is the primary energy source from which you will pump out the 7-page essay you've been avoiding, but in reality, it probably won't do that much. You do not need that cup of coffee to keep you going, and your bank account doesn't need it either. It's time to break that caffeine addiction and give your wallet a break.

6. Embrace the dining halls

I love a burrito from chipotle as much as the next person or a nice fancy dinner with some friends after a long week of work. However, your wallet does not. Try to limit yourself to purchasing food that you have not already paid for. Dining halls are a great option for low-budget ballers. Save your money and spend as much time as you want getting food that has already been paid for. An occasional treat is allowed, but give your wallet a treat too.