5 Ways to Brighten Your Outfit On A Rainy Day

One thing that always bums me out is rainy days. They're wet, gloomy, and kinda miserable. And you never want to go outside. The one thing that cheers me up is adding something to my outfit. A little pop of color or shine to lighten your mood on that dreary day!

Here are five ways to brighten your outfit on a rainy day:

1. Brightly colored shoes

When it rains, I bring out the hot pink converse to oppose the rain. Fun colored rain boots are always good too.

2. Yellow rain jacket

It always makes you stand out against the dark clouds. And maybe make someone smile standing near you.

3. Fun socks

Patterned socks or socks with designs are always a good idea. Always.

4. Anything sparkly

Add some sparkle to your day and shine!

5. Big earrings

The bigger the better. Especially when they are different vibrant colors to contrast the darkness.

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