10 Breakfast Foods You Should Try
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10 Breakfast Foods You Should Try

My favorite breakfast foods that I personally think everyone should try (yes, I am biased and so is this article).

10 Breakfast Foods You Should Try

This are my favorite breakfast foods that make my taste buds dance. I don't normally like to give straight forward "you must do this" suggestions because that's a lot of responsibility if anything goes wrong, however if you see one that intrigues you in any way, try it... I dare you.

1. Bagel sandwich

I know nothing is special about a bagel sandwich, its been a million times before. Here me out though: toast your bagel to your liking, slap some roasted red pepper hummus (or whatever hummus you want), add seasonings, an over easy egg (doesn't have to be over easy), and some cheese and enjoy. Sometimes I switch it up and do scrambled eggs with spinach, onion, and peppers, or I will add spinach dip instead of hummus and just do spinach dip and egg. Either way, stop sticking to the regular bacon, egg, and cheese or pork roll bagel sandwich.

2. Rice pudding and fruit

You can use warm oatmeal, but personally I like to use rice pudding (french vanilla or cinnamon if I wanna be ~classy~). Then I add in some frozen blueberries and bananas, coconut shavings (sometimes), a little bit of granola, and a spoonful of Nutella. I have also used honey, strawberries, almond butter, chocolate chips, basically whatever sounds delicious. I try not to use too much of things like chocolate or almond butter just to pretend that I am *healthy*. Either way, just imagine you are at Playa Bowl but with rice pudding.

3. Pancake sandwiches

You heard me correct. Pancake sandwich, or you could make one larger one and use like a wrap, whatever butters your biscuit (or pancake). I like to do smaller pancakes with fruit or cereal mixed into the batter, then I will take coffee ice cream or vanilla ice cream and make a pancake sandwich.... don't judge me. I can feel like judgement future you is radiating as you read this and if you haven't tried it yet, you should try it. Anyway, if you wanted to be "an adult" that doesn't have ice cream with breakfast you could add cool whip and strawberries or do a savory pancake with eggs and veggies, I haven't tried it but I might.

4. Biscuit casserole

I know when you read the first suggestion you were probably like "woah healthy, she has protein, veggies, hummus?... wow". And by now you aren't thinking that, thank you for stopping that idea. I never claimed these were healthy I just said they were good... good for the soul. So, basically, you take your biscuit dough and rip it into pieces, throw them into a casserole dish of your liking, add beaten eggs, milk, seasonings of your choice, and anything else you want to (I like to add precooked chicken and cheese too), bake until its all cooked. I personally don't remember how long, I preheat the oven according to the biscuit package and then watch it like a stalker.

5. Omelet quesadilla

This requires you to make an omelet which honestly is a lot harder than I though it would be. I like to add broccoli, onion, peppers, and sometimes chicken. It normally gets messed up but its fine, I am no chef. Then you are going to put that in a tortilla shell with some cheese (I add salsa at this step too so its warm). Then you melt butter in your pan and gently lay your precious quesadilla child in the butter to get it crispy and melt the cheese inside, FLIP, let other side get a little crisp (don't burn it, use low heat and pay attention). They you can enjoy with sour cream or I like cream cheese that's been slightly mixed with some seasoning.

6. Basic white girl iced coffee~

This has got to be the most basic drink that I put effort into (I have to fulfill the very basic white girl requirements somehow so its fine). I hope my readers can tell when I am joking, if not yikes. Back to coffee, I take 1 tablespoon regular coffee, 1 tablespoon hazelnut coffee and we toss them into the french press. I also add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon to the coffee, next add hot water, and press (duh). I then leave it overnight in my fridge. Next morning, I drag myself to the kitchen, pour over ice, add creamer (french vanilla is good or cannoli), then add a protein shake, stir/mix, add coconut milk whip cream on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I said it was extra but its good, barely even tastes like coffee and more like the milk after you eat CocoPuffs.

7. Lazy toast and sauce

Toast some bread, slap some garlic butter on it, and dip in whatever sauce/dip/spread you want. I like it with hummus, or fresh tomatoes with olive oil and seasonings (like a larger bruschetta but first thing in the morning). If I feel really lazy, I will just make toast with Nutella and blueberries.

8. Chicken waffle sandwich

You need two waffles, homemade/frozen/whatever. You are going to bread chicken (use syrup instead of egg to get the breading to stick) and cook your chicken all the way through (we aren't getting food poisoning y'all). Now, add sautéed onions and assemble the sandwich. I have had it with a syrup/bbq/ketchup smear on it as if it was a burger but thats optional.

9. Open hash brown egg sandwich

Take however many pieces of hash brown you want, make it nice and crispy. Make an egg however you want to, I like to make scrambled with cheese and veggies, and add that to your hash brown(s). If you really wanted to, you could add a gravy to it, like a breakfast gravy, but I just start digging in.

10. The breakfast I had everyday I was in Oman

For those of you who don't know, Oman is a beautiful country next to Yemen, under Saudi Arabia. If you ever have the funds or opportunity to visit, you should 100%. The people are friendly, the country is beautiful (I saw Wadi Shab, the desert, the capital Muscat, and the Misfat House), and the fruit is amazing.

Okay, I don't know exactly what the juice is, but it was delicious and the closest I have come to copying it was by mixing a little apple, orange, guava, and pineapple juices together to get a bright passion orange/red concoction. Then they had soft cheese similar to the Laughing Cow cheese, but somehow creamier and I would eat that with crackers and then cottage cheese with honey and dates. Dates are common in Oman (I am pretty sure they are the countries fruit), they are sweet and similar to a raisin but larger and sweeter. They also had warm pita bread and that with hummus and eggs is delicious.

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