Brangelina Is No More: Through The Eyes Of Jennifer Aniston

Brangelina Is No More: Through The Eyes Of Jennifer Aniston

Now that Brad and Angelina are officially heading for splitsville, let's see what Jenn An has to say!


When power couple Brangelina took the world by storm in 2005, the masses thought that this was a romance for the ages--well except for Jenn Aniston at least! Over the years, this iconic celebrity couple has dominated our hearts and our screens through their many adoptions, charity work and overall kick-ass careers!

However as we all know, since CNN alerted us all like it was an ISIS update, Brangelina is no more as of last week. Their love story is coming to an end and according to the cover of the New York Post, Jennifer Aniston couldn't find this predicament any more entertaining to watch. As some of you readers may forget/do not know, Brad Pitt was originally married to our girl Jenn An from 2000-2005, until Pitt met Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2003, and separated from Jenn shortly after meeting his new--on the DL romantic--acquaintance.

So with the news of Brangelina being no more, it's only right for everyone to look to Aniston to witness the hilarity of this heartbreaking news...

First off, let's just get this out of the way...

That one's for you Brad because let's face it, you should have never downgraded from this gem that the world refers to as Jenn An! And for those of you who have never watched Friends 1. you need to binge watch it ASAP and 2. the gif above is basically Jenn's way of saying a BIG F.U. to her washed up ex.

When originally receiving the news that once upon a time crazy Angelina Jolie, who used to wear a vile of blood around her neck and kiss her own brother filed for divorce from once upon a time hubby Brad Pitt, her initial reaction was probably something along the lines of this...

But after the initial shock wore off, she probably felt something more along the lines of this...

And let's get something straight, the obvious excitement doesn't stem from Brad Pitt being back on the market. Jen's laughter on the matter is strictly because for Jen, this has been a long time coming with all of the pain she faced with Brad during their divorce back in 2005 over Angelina.

So while new eligible bachelor Brad is now without both beautiful Jennifer Aniston and baby momma Angelina Jolie, he most likely spends his days and nights looking something like this...

And if there is ever a moment--hypothetically of course--when Brad tries to crawl his way past Justin Theroux back into Jenn An's life, then Jennifer Aniston has one thing and one thing only to say to Brad Pitt, and that is...

And for all of you Jenn An fans out there--which is practically everyone--we can finally put to rest the infamous love triangle between Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie!

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