These 5 Rare Brandy Melville Items Are TERRIBLE Quality
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These 5 Rare Brandy Melville Items Are Over $100, And Should Be Avoided At ALL Costs For Poor Quality

The word "rare" in the listing title led to the purchase of a wrinkly, unwashed top that was worth merely a fraction of the money paid.

These 5 Rare Brandy Melville Items Are Over $100, And Should Be Avoided At ALL Costs For Poor Quality

Certain Brandy pieces are highly sought after, resulting in people reselling these "rare" items for up to eight times the retail price. Some people myself included have bought Brandy items solely because they are "rare," and later have trouble reselling them and remaking the money.

Once I splurged on the lime green Skylar tank on Poshmark, and after a few days, the top was back on the Brandy website for only $14. The word "rare" in the listing title got me to purchase a wrinkly, unwashed top that was worth merely a fraction of the money I paid.

The moral of the story is to disregard the "rareness" of clothing from Brandy Melville because the demand for certain items is unpredictable. For example, the Teal Lettered New York Erica Sweatshirt reselling for around $110, while the White Lettered Malibu Erica Sweatshirt is reselling for around $25, even though both of these sweatshirts were sold in retail for the same price.

The following items are highly sought after by Brandy Melville collectors.

1. Strawberry Amara Tank

strawberry amara tank

The average listing fee of this top is $120, while other Amara tank patterns are available on the Brandy website for only $16. Some are paying an extra $100 for the sought after strawberry design, which in my opinion looks like something at a children's clothing store like Gymboree.

2. Erica New York Sweatshirt

erica sweatshirt

The average listing price of this sweatshirt is $110. This Brandy piece is overhyped, as it looks like a typical sweatshirt from a New York gift shop. As of now, the exact style in a different color is available on the website for $36.

3. Pink Cheetah Belle Tank

This top should serve as the prime example to NEVER overpay for "rare" items. During the months of March-May, Depop and Poshmark sellers were listing this top for around $70. After the website reopened, the Pink Cheetah Belle Tank was restocked and retailed for $20. People who splurged on this shirt have lost money because they cannot resell it for the same or higher price and make their money back.

4. Brown Rosa Sweatpants

brown rosa sweatpants

These sweatpants are listed for around $150 on reselling sites. The Lime Green Rosa Sweatpants were once also pricey on reselling sites, but once restocked, prices dropped drastically. Ultimately, if these sweatpants were to be restocked, the people who bought them at high prices would be at a loss because they cannot resell it and make their money back.

5. Amara Floral Lace Dress

lace amara dress

The average listing price is around $120. Dresses with similar patterns can be found at thrift stores. Another alternative is to buy the Amara dress without lace on the Brandy website for $28 and sew lace on the neckline.

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