Why Being Best Friends With Your Boyfriend's Sister Is The Best
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My Boyfriend's Little Sister Has My Heart, Forever And Always

When God blesses you with extra family in your life, accept it, love it and enjoy it.

My Boyfriend's Little Sister Has My Heart, Forever And Always
Katelyn Abigail Riles

Even though I love and cherish my boyfriend, his little sister has my heart.

When people say "you're not just marrying him, you're marrying his entire family," it makes me giggle because little do they know how much I truly love his family.

Not only was meeting him one of the best things that ever happened to me but getting to meet his baby sister was one of the most special moments to me.

The first day that I ever got to officially meet her as his girlfriend, she had drawn me a picture of a rainbow and wrote my name on it from her. Instantly, my heart melted.

Growing up the only girl of two brothers, I have longed for a sister my entire life. I have clung to my best friends so hard throughout my life because I have always wanted that forever person.

And that is exactly what my boyfriend gave me. He made my heart complete without even meaning too. He gave me my forever person.

My favorite part of my boyfriend's sister is that she is so much like me, she's like a part of me. We eat the same foods, play the same games, are equally as stubborn and picky, and best of all, we get along perfectly because we both enjoy the same things. Match made in heaven?

Oh, it gets better. We are BOTH planner girls.

Yes, I am serious. And yes, I have bought her planners with tons of decorative pens and stickers... because... well... she is my other half.

Our relationship is one of the most special relationships that I have. Not only is she my other half, but she is my boyfriend's entire world. She is something special.

I am beyond thankful that I have such a special little lifelong bestie, mini and sister. I will love you long time, sister girl.

When God blesses you with extra family in your life, accept it, love it and enjoy it. God loves us all so much, we should love others as much as we can.


(PS — B you always will have my heart sister.)

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