'Boy Moms' Need To Get Over Themselves

Becoming a mother is an extremely huge event in a woman's life, and her child will become a major part of her life the moment she finds out she's pregnant.

It's not surprising if a new mother's life revolves around her child. I mean, it's her kid.

What is surprising is a new mother centering her "mom identity" around her child's gender.

"Boy moms" have a large presence with the new tech age, and, honestly, it's annoying.

You're not special because you have a son.

"Boy moms" seem to think they're in a special class of motherhood because they only have sons.

I didn't realize raising little boys made you a different mother than someone with little girls.

According to boy mom memes, it's a totally different ball game: always in sweats and a messy bun; constantly chasing after a child with seemingly limitless energy; coffee on an IV drip; always cleaning up cuts and scrapes and the mess that was made to get them.


That just sounds like having a toddler in general, doesn't it?

Regardless of gender, toddlers are going to act the same.

Toddlers are rambunctious, rowdy, and always ready to rumble.

Being a boy doesn't make them more susceptible to be any of those things. Kids are going to act like kids

They'll do whatever they want and like whatever they want because they don't care.

Many times though, a mom's expectations for her child will get in the way, and that's how some of the stereotypes for boys form, which only fuels the "boy mom" identity.

As children grow older, they might take on certain behaviors or interests, usually stereotyped to their gender.

This means boys continue to grow up talking about farts and video games, while girls might not.

We socialize kids to be this way.

Girls are plenty able to talk about gross stuff, like "boy" things, and be totally similar in interests and behaviors, but they're taught to be "little ladies" and not have that behavior.

This means — with boys being the only ones with "masculine" interests now — we're able to create the stereotype for boys that "boy moms" base their son's identity around when their son grows older.

"Boy moms" center their identity of raising sons around the stereotypes we create for boys — the ones that are messy, and loud, and wild. They feel special for raising boys because that's the gender we allow to be a handful.

You're not special for having boys and you're not special for teaching them to be a certain way for the sake of your identity as a mother.

Girls are allowed to be rowdy and crazy, while boys are allowed to be soft and sensitive.

Stop raising kids to be the identity you want to have.

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