What To Do When Boredom Strikes
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What To Do When Boredom Strikes

It's 2016. Boredom has infected thousands all over the world. The cure? Activities.

What To Do When Boredom Strikes
Wayne Miller

When boredom strikes, the people who succumb to its power often turn to scrolling through social media or playing with applications on their cellphone. Boredom is an epidemic striking across the globe, but how can anyone rid themselves of boredom? By gaining a new, versatile hobby is a great way to kick boredom into the street. This article only contains a few suggestions that anyone can do, despite traditional connotations. Many can also be done in large groups or by oneself and can double as a way to make extra money or as a gifting idea.

1. Knitting/Crocheting.

Knitting/Crocheting, although traditionally an activity for women, is a fun activity to do to keep one’s hands busy and, depending on the size of the project, is travel-friendly. Materials can range from cheap to expensive depending on quality, but come in many different shapes, colors, and textures. People have been known to make anything from babies’ clothing to elaborate blankets. A knitting/crocheting group is an fun way to get friends together or meet new people. Also, this activity doubles as a means of coping, or quitting a bad habit.

2. Gardening

By starting a garden, not only do people get to add spice, color, and healthy food options to their life, but a life-long hobby that is constant work and attention. Anyone can have a garden in any location; as plants come with various needs that can fit any environment. Plants like Christmas Cactus strive is minimal sunlight and water; As the cactus’ name suggests, the cactus blooms during winter, but will bloom during other parts of the year as well if kept in a room with not a lot of light. Venus Fly-traps, on the other hand, require a lot of sunlight and water.

3. Community Service

Alright, so this isn’t so much a hobby as it is just simply something to do that can be really fun. Some people like to volunteer at shelters, camps, or nursing homes/hospitals, but volunteer options are everywhere. Some campuses hold volunteer options, where they take care of transportation for students and staff. Some volunteer options require special training, vigorous exercise, and people communication skills.

4. Go Outside

Just by going outside, options to eliminate boredom double! Activities such as: walking, hiking, camping, playing a sport, exploring, and many of the suggestions in this list have added benifits simply because the activity is taking place outside. Sunlight, with sunscreen and sunglasses, contains Vitamin D which has been known to help with improve anyone's mood. Also, being outside disconnects one from their technology-dependant lives and reconnect with the outdoors.

5. Photography

With so many people taking selfies in bathrooms and posting their meals to Instagram, it's a wonder that more people are not into photography! Photography can teach the importance of angles and lighting and how the same place can look completely different simply by changing the point of view of the camera. Plus, photography can lead one to unexpected places and can encourage people to look at the world differently.

6. Read a Book

This might seem like an obvious choice, but many high school graduates that were advid readers in school stop reading entering college. Reading not only gives one something to do, but can help grow vocabulary, teach important life lessons, and encourage people to stand up for what they believe in. Reading is also an activity that can be done literally anywhere and is perfect for people of all ages and interests.

7. Learn Something New

Whether it's going to the library or looking up something on Google, humans thirst for knowledge. People can learn anything like a new skill, a new word, or even a new game. The options are endless. Humans in general waste so much time just focusing on the fact that their bored when they could learn something new.

8. Play a Game

While people should not start the Hunger Games, there is a way to make a play version of the game with various toys, objects, and large open space. If a group can agree on a game, sport, or activity, why not find something to do? Board games, video games, yard games, and sports are all free range and can fit anyone's interests. Even just playing a simple game of tag or hide 'n' seek is better than nothing.

9. Treat Yourself

Have free time? Have a mini spa day! Do something that you find relaxing or you don't normally have time to do. So if that's soaking your feet and watching Netflix or sing out loud while making a pot of mac 'n' cheese, just do it! If there is enough time to do it, then why not? It is much better than doing nothing and can last for any amount of time.

There are many activities to do when bored, but the most important thing is to take care of yourself. When doing anything, be safe and be smart. Do not go to areas that are restricted access, unfamiliar, or dangerous. Do not perform any of these activities while driving or walking as this can cause one to become distracted and cause an accident. Be aware of weather and figure out where the nearest location to go to in case of hazardous weather. If in an area with wildlife, be aware of surroundings and types of wildlife in the area. Do not travel on your own in strange and unfamiliar areas. Have fun, and go crazy!

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