These 5 Books Helped Find My Life Path As A College Student
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These 5 Books Helped Me Find My Life Path As A College Student — I'll Recommend Them To Anyone

These books helped me find my path in life, maybe they can help you find yours too.

These 5 Books Helped Me Find My Life Path As A College Student — I'll Recommend Them To Anyone
Ashley Fisher

This past summer in quarantine, I've picked up reading. I've never really considered myself a reader up until now. I have also been in a constant struggle with myself trying to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life.

How do colleges expect a 19-year-old to pick a career path for the rest of their life? I'm going into my second year of college and I still have no idea. But I do know I am starting to head down the right path. Here are some books that helped me decide what my path is supposed to be.

"Man's Search for Meaning" By Viktor E. Frankl


This book is a dark but extremely life-altering read. It is from a first-person point of view of Viktor Frankl himself. He tells the story of his experience throughout the concentration camps during the Holocaust. What is most interesting about this book is Dr. Frankl was a licensed psychologist prior to getting placed into the camps.

Through his story, he explains the meaning of life and love. This book changed my perspective on how I view love and life. It also showed me that no matter how hard life gets, I should always be grateful for the good I am given in my day to day life.

"Mind Platter" By Najwa Zebian


I know almost every girl has read the book Milk and Honey. If you love that book then you need to give this one a chance. This book is a poetry book with advice for practically every problem college students face.

Whether it be heartbreak, broken promises, letting go, or learning how to be true to yourself. I use this book as practically my bible when I need advice but I am not really sure who to ask.

"Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov


Ladies this book is for you. I know personally, I have struggled with relationships and letting guys walk all over me. But not after reading this book. This book teaches you the tips and tricks on how to get a man to fall for you while also standing your ground.

It shows you the ropes starting from the first date but also how to maintain a healthy relationship once already in a long term on.

"The Idiot" by Elif Batuman


This book is from a first-person point of view of a daughter of Turkish immigrants starting her first day of college, at Harvard University. You witness a girl start a new life in a place she barely recognizes.

Watching her fight to pursue her dreams while trying to grow as a person just like every other college student. She may also hit a few bumps along the way like losing sight of herself, falling in love, and so much more.

"A Beautiful Composition Of Broken" by R.H. Sin


This is another poetry book that I came across while in the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris during my trip abroad. This poetry book is a series of poems that have helped me through my hardest times.

Whether it be mental health, heartbreak, loss of passion, or just feeling lost. These poems remind me that it is okay to feel lost sometimes, and always give me guidance to the path I am supposed to be on.

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