'Bohemian Rhapsody' Will Definitely Rock You
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From the roaring London stages to hearts of every rock n roller, Queen knew how to serenade the lives and hearts of all of those who listened to their music. Their biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018), tells the story of Queen's uprising and the story of their leading legend, Freddie Mercury. As a die-hard Queen fan, and a big fan of the rock scene, I had to watch this film — And my God, this movie was honestly a well-succeeding hit, from its actors to its performances.

Here's my review, which contains spoilers.

The good:

Told A Great Story:
The movie told an incredible story, as it's a beautiful and clever homage to Queen and the late Freddie Mercury. The movie cleverly told the rises and falls of Freddie Mercury and how much family truly meant to Queen. While trying to tell a love story of a legend and his journey to find himself.

The Music's Origins:
This. This is what many fans came here to see as well, the origins of the band's music were formulated and created. From Freddie freely playing his piano and writing lyrics from the top of his head to Brian/Roger/John discussing what songs should be on their albums. To even the arguments of whose songs sound the best to even be on an album. The movie cleverly shows the origins of many of the band's famous songs and albums and how Queen became one of the biggest and greatest rock bands of all time!

How Classics Were Made:
So different from the last point, this is about how the fan favorite songs were made. This was honestly a really interesting sight to see. How songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Another One Bites the Dust," "We Will Rock You," etc. were made and it's crazy to see how far the band would go just to make the perfect song. From Freddie freely creating the melody on the piano or demanding the operatic section of "Bohemian Rhapsody," and the annoyance Roger had with having to hit his high notes for the Galileo section. Or John messing with the guitar riff of "Another One Bites the Dust" while Freddie, Brian and Roger argued. This was a very interesting and engaging insight on some of not only mine but some of the fan's favorite songs.

The Exposure of Freddie's Crazy Life:
Of course in a biopic, you're bound to be fully in-depth into the world of whom the movie's about. And trust me this movie did not shy away from telling the story of Freddie Mercury. Like how his original name is Farrokh Bulsara, and his transitional change to Freddie Mercury, to his first love and sexuality, to his alcoholism and drug abuse. This movie went full throttle to showing Freddie's hardships and the way the band suffered through it, to the band coming together as a family.

The Ending:
Of course, at the end of every great film, there's the conclusion. Man, was this conclusion the best. The movie ends with the reenactment of Queen's final performance together while at the LiveAID concert. Having the band play their hits to millions of people, and playing their hits they did. As the film made you feel as if you were actually in the concert yourself as they cranked up that volume and played their best show. It was freakin' beautiful.

The Acting:
This was unbelievable! Each actor brought a lot up to the table and sincerely reenacted their roles to the brim and respectfully. Rami Malek did an amazing job as Freddie Mercury, and the studio has done an amazing job at making Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, and Joseph Mazello look exactly like Brian, Roger and John. It was very uncanny how closely identical these actors looked the part.

The bad:

The Pacing Was a Bit Shaky:
This was a bit of a nitpicking issue I had with the movie, I felt like the beginning of the movie felt a bit off with its pacing. For example, right after Freddie performs with Brian and Roger for the first time, the filmed jumped right into them being Queen and having their hit "Killer Queen" be a billboard hit without much showcase into

Not Enough Screen Time of Queen's Other Members Brian May, Roger Tyler, and John Deacon:
Although the movie focused a lot on Freddie Mercury, the movie is a still a Queen biopic. However, it felt less Queen and more of a Freddie Mercury movie. There were times (lots) where we don't see the other members of the band, and it highlights Freddie's life far more than the others. And I kinda wish we had more spare time with the others because the times that we did have with the other members of Queen together were amazing.

Overall, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a beautiful film and plays a clever and soundly homage to Freddie Mercury and Queen. While telling a love story of family, triumph and redemption. As the music's origins are shined and creates an ecstatic feeling throughout the audience. I think the most beautiful part of the movie was when "We Will Rock You" was played fully and the whole audience in the theater I was in, and I, all clapped and stomped in unison and sang along together. That felt freakin' amazing, that's how you reel in an audience.

Definitely 10/10

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