5 Thoughts You Have As Your Hair Is Ripped Off With Hot Wax To Fit Mainstream Beauty Standards

5 Thoughts You Have As Your Hair Is Ripped Off With Hot Wax To Fit Mainstream Beauty Standards

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, you will know these thoughts all too well.


Summer is coming. For many people, that means it is time to shed their winter coat. Shaving can get old really fast, so waxing's promise for five weeks of silky-smooth skin begins to sound pretty appealing. Here are some thoughts that might run through your head if you decide to try out waxing this summer.

1. "I have to grow out my hair for how long?"

In order to get waxed, most salons require your hair to be at least one-quarter inch long. In the new summer heat, it can be hard to wear those cute sundresses or bathing suits with your pre-wax legs. Resist the urge to shave for a week or two and you will be golden!

2. "Are they judging me?"

Depending on where you are getting waxed, you can be put into some pretty vulnerable positions with your waxer. It is fair to feel like they may be judging you or your body, but just remember that they are professionals and they have seen hundreds of body/hair types

3. "It feels weird talking about my job while they rip hair off of my body."

They say if you can't afford therapy, book an appointment at a salon. Those who work in the beauty industry are masters at making conversation and small talk. While this may feel awkward, it can actually help keep your mind off of the pain. If you really don't want to talk, it is perfectly okay to POLITELY tell them that you would rather not talk.

4. "Holy #$%*, that hurt!"

There is no hiding it, waxing can be really painful for people. Be sure to communicate with whoever is giving you the wax if the pain is too much! Plenty of salons offer numbing creams or sprays to make the experience more bearable!

5. "SO SMOOTH!!!"

You will be in awe of how smooth your skin will feel after waxing! You will go out of your way to show off your new baby-soft skin and will kiss shaving goodbye forever!
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