The "Bob's Burgers" Halloween Episodes Ranked
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All Of The 'Bob's Burgers' Halloween Episodes Ranked To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Get ready to get in the Halloween spirit by watching all of the Bob's Burgers Halloween specials!

All Of The 'Bob's Burgers' Halloween Episodes Ranked To Get You In The Halloween Spirit
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6. Season 4, Episode 2 "Fort Night"


In this episode, the kids get stuck in a cardboard fort on Halloween night and are tormented by Millie, their classmate who is obsessed with becoming Louise's friend. To me, this episode didn't give me the Halloween feel like a lot of the other episodes did, which is why I ranked it last on my list. It's an overall okay episode, just not one of my personal favorites.

5. Season 7, Episode 3 "Teen-a-Witch"


Tina's desire to win the costume contest leads her towards the occult, and Bob's jack-o-lanterns keep getting stolen. This episode is a little further down on my list because it didn't really feel like Halloween. Sure, Tina was becoming a witch to win a Halloween costume contest, but it just didn't give me spooky vibes.

4. Season 8, Episode 3 "The Wolf of Wharf Street"


With a wolf roaming the streets of Wonder Wharf, Linda goes trick-or-treating with the kids and they set out on a wolf hunt, while Bob is hallucinating after taking pain medication. I really liked this episode because it included the Fischoeders. They're two of my favorite characters just because of how absurd they are.

3. Season 6, Episode 3 "The Hauntening"


The Belcher's try to scare Louise, who claims to not be scared by anything, by putting on a haunted house. It includes a creepy man with a pair of shears, a ring of fire, a demon in the basement, and some cult members. I really enjoyed this episode just because all of the Belchers went in to try and scare Louise, and for once she fell for it. Thus, earning number three on my list.

2. Season 9, Episode 4 "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street"


There's a candy thief on Ocean Avenue, and the kids get together to find out who it is and get their candy back. Bob and Teddy get into a Halloween decorating competition with another local handyman. This is the newest released episode of season 9 and I was really excited I got to include it in this article, it was my second favorite of the Halloween specials because, again, it really got me in the spooky mood, especially when they went into Mutilation Mansion.

1. Season 3, Episode 2 "Full Bars"


The first Bob's Burger Halloween special will always have a special place in my heart with Teddy's infamous orange and black Halloween party, the Hell Hunt, and murder, it's a classic especially when getting in the mood for Halloween. I ranked this one first because it got me in the Halloween mood more than any other, it's spooky and a really fun watch.

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