BLED FEST And 5 Other Bands You Need To Listen To
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BLED FEST And 5 Other Bands You Need To Listen To

A BLED FEST review from a country kid gone punk-rock and five artists to wrap your ears around.

BLED FEST And 5 Other Bands You Need To Listen To
Riss Giammalva

From the age of birth to about 10, I thought that the only music that existed was country and 80s. Growing up, my parents thought it would be better for my siblings and I if we listened to country music, screening the songs we sang and listened to "protect us" from inappropriate things or lines that may have played on the radio.

So when I got to middle school, you can imagine how surprised I was to find out otherwise. A boy on a class field trip shared his headphone with me and wasn't listening to Journey, but instead head-nodding Green Day, La Dispute, and The Wonder Years. From that point forward, I swore off the country music I had been brainwashed and conditioned to listen to, and began expanding my music taste.

In high school, I found myself hanging out with different, unique individuals who only showed me more punk artists to fall in love with. They were constantly going to shows and I couldn't help but be jealous. One festival, in particular, I'd wanted to attend for years was BLED Fest.

For one day a year, the old Hartland High School (now known as Hartland Performing Arts Center), in Howell, Michigan is transformed into a festival ground for BLED FEST, presented by Fusion Shows. BLED FEST, for short for “Big Love’s EDucational Festival", has hosted a number of different acts throughout the years, among these include: The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Title Fight, and La Dispute.

There are no barricades and stages can be seen propped up in different spots throughout the building from a classroom to the gymnasium. Big Love, the nickname given to Ben who started this fest in his parent’s basement 13 years ago, has described the festival as "a one-day, punk-rock summer camp."

Well, it only took half a decade, but this year I finally attended my first, and let me tell you, it was the "punk-rock summer camp" of my dreams. Not only was I able to listen to some of my favorite performers live, shoot photographs freely, and hang out with friends, I also had the opportunity to expand and network within the community.

This year, BLED made a statement on their website pledging more diversity, "...listening habits of youth in 2018 are so diverse, yet a lot of these kids live in an area that is one of the least diverse places on earth. We’re really pushing to put together a special lineup that speaks to everyone, is welcoming of everyone, and is valued by everyone."

Below is a list of bands that played BLED FEST on March 26th of 2018, so settle in and wrap your ears around these talented performers.

1. Shortly (Detroit, MI)

Favorite Track: Spare Time

2. Jetty Bones (Urbana, OH)

Favorite Track: Innocent Party

3. Mover Shaker (Detroit, MI)

Favorite Track: No Backyard

4. Formerly Bodies (Lansing, MI)

Favorite Track: Comfy Cozy Song

5. Dogleg (Ann Arbor, MI)

Favorite Track: Remember Alderaan?

Missed them at BLED?

For a full photo gallery, you can click here.

Catch Shortly at MOPOP on July 28! Listen here, or on Facebook, here.

Click here for Jetty Bones' upcoming events or listen on Spotify here, or on Facebook, here.

See Mover Shaker at PJ's Lager House in Detroit on June 10 or on their upcoming tour with Greet Death this spring! Can't make either of those? Listen here, or on Facebook, here.

Listen to Formerly Bodies here or on check Facebook for upcoming events, here.

Wrap your ears around Dogleg here or on Facebook, here.

For more information regarding this unique music festival, check out the BLED FEST website here.

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