I have been Black Friday shopping every year since I was 10. Over the years I have picked up a thing or two over the years. Here are a couple of tips to get through this holiday season.

1. Prepare ahead of time.

Each store will post an add ahead of time. Look through them and see what you might wanna buy. Make a list labeling the items in each store. Go to the store a week out and look at the layout for where clothes, shoes, etc. are located if you do not know the layout that well. https://blackfriday.com is one of the websites I use to find all the adds for the stores I shop at, they even have a few out right now!

2. Prepare financially.

Know how much money you can spend and if you are the type who will easily slide the card but rarely hand over the money, leave your cards at home. Bring only cash and let that be your guide in how much you can spend.

3. Leave your kids at home with someone.

There is nothing more troublesome when you are tying to shop deals and you have little ones running around or strollers that don't fit through the aisle. It is easier for everyone and you to get a babysitter or leave them with a family member at home.

4. Be patient with workers.

Their job is not easy and it makes it harder for them to work with you if you are being aggressive or annoying. It is one thing to ask them to help you find stuff because that is there job, but it is another to get impatient with the worker because the computer isn't working while you are checking out or if there is a long line.

5. If you want electronics, go to those stores first but be there hours before the store opens.

These are the big deals and are going to go fast. Work in groups bring friends or other family members to help make the cut to receive the best deals. Remember buying a tv is never worth trampling over another human being.