This Teen Doesn't Seem To Understand What's Wrong With Cultural Appropriation

This Teen Doesn't Seem To Understand What's Wrong With Cultural Appropriation

Instagram model Emma Hallberg has been accused of black-fishing, and her response is legendary in all the wrong ways.


What the heck is black-fishing? To me, it sounds like a poker reference. However, listen up...because black-fishing is just the new, less blatant version of blackface.

The origins of blackface date back to the 1820s, when it emerged as a form of white racist entertainment in the initial minstrel shows. While blackface appropriates Black culture with the intent of mocking an entire race, black-fishing is done in an effort to profit off it.

To get technical, black-fishing is when a person who IS NOT Black pretends to be Black on his/her/their social media by culturally appropriating Black features in an attempt to gain "cough, cough"...that's right ATTENTION! Individuals engaging in black-fishing are mimicking Black features because in doing so, they acquire anything from notice to compliments to even money and endorsements.

Recently, nineteen-year-old, Swedish model Emma Hallberg was ROASTED, and I mean ROASTED for doing just that.

Based on her current social media accounts, Hallberg appears to be a light-skinned Black woman.

Hallberg Google Images

Prior to the recent controversy, many believed Hallberg was a woman of color. However, after a photo was leaked on Twitter comparing an old photo of Hallberg to a new one, people were quick to criticize the WHITE woman who has denied ever referring to herself as a person of color. She says everything about her is natural and suntanning is the only reason her skin is darker. Hallberg has continued portraying herself as Black and has continued allowing people to believe she is Black. All the while, she is making mad money off it. I'll just leave the picture below and you can see how you feel about it.

New vs. Old Photo of Hallberg Google Images

So, why is she doing it? Well, because she looks amazing. No denying she is a beautiful woman. However, Hallberg only began gaining followers and making money once she began photographing herself with Black features. And see, that's the thing: being Black is cooooooool now. Yeah, it's cool...until you get stopped by the police.

Even if I was to give Hallberg the benefit of the doubt and believe her when she says she has never intentionally altered her appearance to appear a certain way, there's still an issue with this. People of color today are either celebrating her beauty under the impression she is a POC, or they are aware she is a fraud and had to explain through historical context why cultural appropriation is NOT OKAY. Hallberg's actions may have been unintentional, but her refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing makes the stunt all the more offensive.

I'm only going to say this once because I shouldn't have to say it at all. PEOPLE OF COLOR ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EDUCATING WHITE PEOPLE ON ISSUES CONCERNING RACISM. This goes for issues of cultural appropriation, colorblindness, ignorance, microaggressions, etc. However, POC have and will continue to help spread awareness regarding racial injustices because their livelihood depends on it.

So if you or anyone you know is black-fishing...just stop.

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Somehow, I Ended Up With The Best Roommate Known To Man

I've truly been blessed.


College can be a very stressful experience to prepare for. From orientation to selecting your classes for the semester, your responsibilities quickly pile up. On top of all that, you also have to find somebody who you will be sharing a room with for your first year of college.

After not sharing a room with my sister for several years, I was worried about going back to splitting a living space with someone else. Immediately after I finished submitting my application to finalize my commitment to Temple, the stress of finding a roommate sunk in. Rooms in the residential hall I wanted were filling up quickly, and I still didn't have a roommate.

I was trying to find a roommate, but everybody seemed to already have their living situation figured out. However, one day, I received a message from a girl named Tori. Little did I know, she would become my best friend. I saw her profile prior to on RoomSync, an app for finding roommates, so I was really excited when she messaged me.

We didn't meet until move-in day, which made me a little bit anxious, but right from the start, everything clicked. We have lots of similar interests and living standards. Even though our majors are totally different, hers being biology and mine is English, that didn't stop us from being friends and enjoy spending time with one another.

In just the first weekend, Tori discovered that I hadn't seen a lot of movies that I should have seen growing up. From that point on, she created a list of various movies, and every weekend we watched at least one movie together. I don't think she has shown me a movie that I haven't liked yet, and I'm so glad that we started this tradition.

On top of movies, Tori has also expanded my music taste, which is a very hard thing to do. I couldn't be happier that she introduced me to Dean Lewis and Noah Kahan and then persuaded me to go to their concert in October with her. In general, she has got me more into music and is increasing my knowledge about music overall.

As well as going to a concert together, we also recently went to see my favorite Youtubers when they came to Philly. When we found out that Cody Ko and Noel Miller were going on a comedy tour and coming to our city, we immediately planned to buy tickets. It was a night full of laughs, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with her.

Tori Ploesch

Having a random roommate who is also your best friend is rare. I've heard a lot of horror stories about random roommates, but I honestly can't picture not being friends with Tori. Along with being an amazing roommate, she is incredibly selfless and caring. Her focus is always on helping people, and I admire her for all the hard work she puts into everything she does.

Being surrounded by people in the College of Science and Technology, I know it isn't easy. Because I have a strong dislike of science, I give major props to Tori and her friends in CST. I'm so happy she is studying something she's truly passionate about and will love doing in her future career. Whenever I meet people that want to pursue a career in science or the medical field, I immediately give them immense credit. It's extremely difficult to take that career path, and I'm already excited for Tori and her ultimate success.

College is a time for making new friends that will last even after you stop going to school together. Even though I'm only in my second semester, I know I can trust Tori with anything, and she'll be there for me when I need her. I also know that she'll be 100% honest with me when I need guidance or advice.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Tori for messaging me to room with her. My college experience has been incredibly positive thus far because she has been with me through it all. I'm extremely grateful for the way things worked out because I couldn't have asked for a kinder roomie.

Thank you, Tori, for not just being an incredible person and roommate, but my best friend as well.

P.S. I can't wait to bake with you in our apartment together next semester!

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The Importance Of Being Bored

Everything to know about why you should do nothing.


I've always thought of free time as a weakness. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I like to quantify my success with the number of things on my to-do list. So, naturally, I've trained myself into thinking boredom is the enemy of productivity. However, recent studies have shown that reality is quite the opposite.

In 2014, researchers Sandi Mann and Rebekah Cadman tested how boredom affected creativity. They tasked half the participants in their experiment with completing a boring task before attempting a creative one while the other half went straight to the creative task. The subjects primed with boredom were found to be more productive and imaginative when it came to the creative task.

Rather than seeing boredom as a sign of weakness, it should be seen as a time to recharge. Though productivity is important, it's pointless if your actions lack the creativity and clarity that only boredom provide. More than that, boredom is a means of revolution. Societal pressures teach us that constantly staying busy is the key to success. When we're busy all the time, we tire super quickly and have less time to think. We have less time to think about our goals, how we're being treated, and what we want to change about the world. By falling into the trap of equating business with success we maintain the status quo.

Don't believe me? Try Forbes Coaches Council - "an invitation-only organization for successful business and career coaches." Coach Sherry Swift of Swift Transitions, Inc. calls boredom a time to, "use your inner ear and hear from yourself." She advises young professionals to use boredom, "as a measure to do more, be more, and move forward." Likewise, Coach Cori Burchell, founder of Dear Miss Millionaire, tells her readers to use boredom to ask themselves, "Where in my life am I comfortable but unsatisfied?" Then ask, "What am I going to do about that?"

That being said, boredom is easier to talk about than it is to do. Especially in college, the pressure to always "be on" is prevalent every single day. Bowing out from the competition to take some unstimulated me time is a sign of weakness- or at least that's what I thought. I realized my self-condemnation for boredom was born of my deep insecurity about what people think of me. I thought that if I was perceived as lazy or taking time for myself by others, my reputation would diminish and people would no longer see me as the "successful student, leader, and friend" image that I tried so hard to maintain for myself. But the reality is that no one cares about you as much as you think they do. And even if they do care, their opinion is irrelevant. If I'm taking time for boredom to stimulate my creativity, that's my business and no one else's.

In college, I've found that it's important not only to prioritize your boredom but to put all of your needs first. These last two paragraphs probably sound a little cliche, but I don't think a reminder will hurt. It's imperative that college students spend these fleeting four years concerned with themselves and their futures. What you need to function as a happy, independent, and be a critically thinking person is of utmost importance. Boredom should be at the top of that list; so schedule time in your planner, take walks, disconnect, and have time to think. You'll be endlessly better for it.

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