Black Rock Coffee Is Better Than Dutch Bros. Coffee
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Starbucks, Dunkin, and Coffee Bean. All good, mainstream coffee chains. But over on the west coast, Dutch Bros. Coffee reigns supreme. Or so you thought! I'm here to tell you that Dutch Bros has met its match and their name is Black Rock Coffee Bar! Now, I know I am talking like I am a little too big for my britches and I am by no means a coffee extraordinaire, but I am a coffee connoisseur! To give you some background, Black Rock is a coffee chain on the West Coast ranging from Washington to Arizona to Colorado and many, many more. I discovered them randomly one afternoon and have been hooked ever since and you will be too!

1. They have a drive-thru AND indoor seating.

For any Dutch fans out there, you know that Dutch is exclusively a drive-thru. It's nice and all, but sometimes I want to go chill in a coffee shop and just hang, but you can't do that at Dutch. But, guess what? You can at Black Rock! Black Rock has a speedy drive-thru (much shorter than all the obnoxious Dutch Bros. drive-thrus), an aesthetically pleasing indoor seating area, and a convenient outside patio. So, whether you are in a hurry or looking to chill for a while, Black Rock provides you with a lot of options!

2. The staff are so nice, they could be your best friend!

Dutch has had multiple cases when they get praised for being super nice and friendly. It's like the Chick-fil-A of coffee chain staff. But, I can honestly say that I think the staff at Black Rock is a whole lot nicer. Every time you come in, they greet customers with a smile and always bring up small talk. I have talked about things ranging from college to graphic tees to weekend plans with those baristas. They are always super speedy too which is a plus! At this point, I'm sure my local shop knows me by name and my order.

3. They have basically the same options, at a cheaper price!

Dutch has a variety of coffee drinks, energy drink options, and non-caffeinated beverages. They are known for their Rebel's, crazy drink flavors, and cute cups. Well, hate to break it to you, but Black Rock has basically the same thing! Black Rock has a variety of custom Premium drinks like the Caramel Blondie and the Blackout, their own energy drink called Fuel, and have non-coffee drinks like smoothies and Italian sodas. And, in my opinion, Black Rock sells them for WAY cheaper. Coffee at Dutch can be around $6 for a medium and the Rebels can get up close to $8 for a larger size. Black Rock's coffee ranges from $3.50 to maybe $5 with tax. Their Fuel mixed drinks are around $6.50 and that's for an XL size!

4. They have an XL size!!

For the hot summer days or when you need that little extra bit of energy, you don't have to settle for a large. Black Rock has a XL size for those times when you just really need the biggest size they can give you.

5. The coffee tastes like coffee!

Sometimes at coffee chains, coffee can taste watered down, burnt, or just plain weird. The coffee at Black Rock tastes delicious and is full of rich, bold flavor even with a concoction of milks and syrups thrown in. The drinks never disappoint when it comes to flavor.

6. They are all about Fueling Your Story!

Black Rock's motto is that they want to help fuel your story. A coffee break is such a small, but very important (to most people) part of someone's day. Black Rock prides themselves on being that part in your day. They want to provide you with a beverage that gets you going and makes you ready to take on anything. Plus, it tastes good! What else could you want?

Some may fight me and say that Dutch is the superior West Coast coffee chain, but Black Rock is catching up and will hopefully, soon, take the throne of Coffee King! From the cute aesthetic of the stores to the delicious beverages to the overall message of the store, Black Rock is an obvious coffee competitor and I will gladly give them all my money in my bank account! Seriously, Black Rock has won over my heart, wallet, and coffee addiction.

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