7 Black-Owned Restaurants In Long Island, NY, To Order From
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7 Black-Owned Restaurants In Long Island, NY, To Order Food From Today, From Crepes To Soul Food

Setting the vibes from New York to the Caribbean Islands!

7 Black-Owned Restaurants In Long Island, NY, To Order Food From Today, From Crepes To Soul Food

The New York Pause is about to be lifted during the Black Lives Matter Movement and we have to do justice. Here is a list of Black-owned restaurants on Long Island. Some of you may have vacation homes along Long Island, some of you may live on Long Island, and some of you may even love to visit Long Island!

As a fellow Long Islander, I wanted to share some restaurants that I have been to, and have yet to dine! I'm just as excited as you are about restaurants reopening and I'm definitely heading to the ones I haven't tried out on this list. I can't wait to try out the Island food!

For those of you who aren't from Long Island, here's an App that finds local, black-owned restaurants near you. If you'd like to support local, Black businesses, or maybe just find a new favorite place to eat, download the EatOkra app now.

Sweet N' Savory

Sweet N' Savory

104 Main Street, Port Jefferson

Crepe Restaurant


Phone: (631) 828-6053


I have actually been here and love it! Their menu is very creative they have a savory crepe menu and a sweet crepe menu. There are too many options to choose from. It's a great place for dessert or a meal.

Island Jerk

Island Jerk

1350 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon

Caribbean Restaurant



Our goal is that while visiting with us you experience the entire Authentic Island Vibes, including its atmosphere, music, customs but most importantly its food. - Island Jerk

Butler's Cafe

Butler's Cafe

771 Peninsula Boulevard, Hempstead

American Restaurant

Phone: (516) 442-3995

Order:grubhub.com, seamless.com

Mobay Breeze

Mobay Breeze

46 Gerard Street, Unit 1, Huntington Village

Caribbean Restaurant

Phone: (631) 338-8329
Walking down Wall Street in Huntington village you may hear the faint sounds of Reggae music drifting down the alleyway between Buenos Aires and Samurai - Long Islander News

The Fish Trap

The Fish Trap

682 Sunrise Highway, Baldwin

Seafood Restaurant


Order:grubhub.com, seamless.com, ubereats.com

BGF Bobby Q's

BGF Bobby Qs

447 N Main Street, Freeport

A Soul Food Restaurant


Order:postmates.com, doordash.com, ubereats.com

Whether from Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, or the Carolinas, Southern BBQ is the sweetest and most sultry taste around. - BGF Bobby Q's

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