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Atmospheric Black Metal Songs: July

Bringing back the monthly lists

Atmospheric Black Metal Songs: July

It's been a few months since I last made a list about atmospheric black metal. However, I am back with this list containing some good tracks from the sub-genre. Recently, I noticed that a lot of good atmospheric black metal bands and albums have been released. This is quite impressive and adds more bands into this ever growing sub-genre. Enjoy the list and explore!

Cosmic Autumn

Cosmic Autumn a one-man band from Germany. The band is focused on the atmospheric black metal genre and have released their self-titled album. Just listen to the first song of their album titled "The last Deception" and you'll likely enjoy the song. When I listened to it for the first time I enjoyed the song and for me, the vocals fit well into the album. I feel that they complemented each other. I have linked their Bandcamp and album into this so you can check it out and please consider buying the album if you enjoyed it to show your support.

Lonely Star

Lonely Star recently released their 3rd album titled "Love and Loss" back in May of this year. This album was the first that I listened to from the artist. I have to say that I was immediately hooked to it after listening to the first track of the album. To me, this was an amazing album that captured the correct atmosphere it wants. An example is the track "love and loss" and "Empty" that gave off a sad vibe that it's intentional.

Trna- Earthcult

This is a recent album released by Trna this year. Trna is a unique post-black metal band because in all their 3 albums to date they've all been instrumental only. Now, this may appeal to certain types of people who prefer some instrumental music when they're studying, playing video games or just relaxing. If that's the case then, this album is for you, It's a pure atmospherical post-black metal album for you to enjoy, and it's a very good one.

Koldyssey - Under The Moonlight Rising

This song is a personal favorite of mines. This is a single off their upcoming debut album sometime later this year. I find this song more unique compared to other songs on this list. The use of the keyboard and synth throughout the song makes it give a feeling of serenity, calming of life. This song is an instrumental song but I feel that people who don't listen to this type of music can enjoy this for there is no vocals to scare them off.

Akvan- Forgotten Glory

This is one of my favorite albums that I've recently came across. Akvan is a black metal band from Iran which makes this exciting because they are blending black metal and Persian instruments. This provides a nice combination and sound especially since the type of vocals mesh well. It gives a nice folk black metal type sound but regardless, it's still a good album.

That's all for this list it's a bit shorter than I hoped for but I'll be back soon with another containing more. For this one, I have added some instrumental song for those that who sometimes don't want harsh vocals. Some of these artists also, have instrumental songs that you should check out in their Bandcamp that I have linked. As usual, consider sharing or buying their albums to show support to any of these artists.

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