Black Friday is the nerve-racking rage which engulfs everyone every year. I was also a victim of the euphoria earlier but now I'm so over it. Waiting for one specific day just to purchase things you want for a much-hyped discount is both mentally and physically daunting. Whenever I went shopping on Black Friday, many of the things I wanted were either sold out or remained the same price. What a bummer, right?

It was hilarious as well as tiring because waking up excessively early to witness such an outlandish outcome was not always a pretty picture. Not to mention, the massive crowd one gets to see throughout the day. Apparently, many people view Black Friday as the "only" day in which they will be able to buy anything their heart desires.

Hate to break it to you, but it is not the "only" day. Everyone is entitled to go out shopping anytime and purchase something any day. Most likely, you will still be able to purchase the elegant outfit or new iPhone/MacBook you want before Black Friday. Most malls offer many discounts and sales prior to Black Friday and especially throughout the holiday season. Sometimes I feel as if we tend to forget the implied meaning of Black Friday.

Ideally, Black Friday is celebrated as the beginning of shopping for the holidays and it should not be the one and only day in which you shop. In the same fashion, please do not let Black Friday play with your mind and make you want to shop til you drop. Instead, let it be something you can observe and stealthily amuse yourself with if you do end up heading to the malls or if you are already an employee.

Despite being a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I do not go overboard or even shop much on Black Fridays. Nowadays, I'm at the mall on Black Fridays if I'm free or if my friends insist to hang out. In fact, whenever I'm at the mall on Black Fridays, I find myself regaled when I come across crowds of people intensely engrossed in the active process of shopping. A food for thought on the eve of the holiday festivities is that everyone should take a deep breath on Black Friday and learn to avoid the rush of engaging in all their purchases. Remember, shopping for yourself and your loved ones can be done every day and there is no need to overwhelm yourself on Black Friday. Take a chill pill!