Analog Photography: Los Angeles, California — Part 1

Analog Photography: Los Angeles, California — Part 1

Enjoy some black and white 35mm shots I took in LA.


I shot a lot of film frames while I was out in LA this last time, and I've decided to split the posts up into two parts - this is the first featuring black and white film, and later I will make a post featuring the color shots. LA is always a blast, and there's so much subject matter to shoot, that I try to bring two cameras every time I go out there.

Michael Neal

Of course, I wanted to shoot a lot of strong BW architectural work, and anyone who keeps up with these articles knows that I love architectural work on black and white film.

Michael Neal

Again, we have a solid shot with interesting framing. I liked the lights offset against the space between the wires up top.

Michael Neal

I love this shot because it was very hard to shoot, and turned out really interesting. I crouched way down to shoot almost straight up at a building. In the next shot, you can notice the palm tree reflected in the window. This shot is so smooth, it almost looks 3D rendered.

Michael Neal

Michael Neal

Woohoo, a selfie. I liked the framing around my reflection in the mirror here near Rodeo Drive.

Michael Neal

These next two shots are some candids that I shot as we walked around the beach and the pier.

Michael Neal

Michael Neal

I'll end this article with a nice palm tree shot. I liked the light spill coming from the bottom right of the frame, and I liked how emphasized the palm trees are based on this perspective. Color images coming soon!

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Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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