Kyle woke up with a start, he jumped off the floor ready to fight anything coming at him. He noticed nothing was coming at him. Instead, he was in his girlfriend’s room, it was lit up and quiet. He whipped around quickly to find her sitting at her desk calmly. She was drinking some water and looking at him. "Well it took you long enough to wake up." She said. Kyle felt his jaw fall open. "Did you hit me in the head?" She started laughing. "Yeah, with my metal travel mug." Kyle looked down and saw the water bottle on the floor, there was a small dent in the side. "What the heck, are you kidding me!?" Kyle picked up the water bottle. He checked for any blood. "This could've killed me." She looked at him, "Stop being dramatic, you're fine. What can really kill you is the yelling you're doing when there are still zombies out there."

The realization of the world around him hit Kyle like a truck. He was so happy to see her again that for a minute, there were no zombies, everything was okay again. "You're right, I got stuff for us to eat, also there's someone else alive that's going to come to my dorm tomorrow." She looked at Kyle like he had three heads. "Who?" Kyle shook his head, "I don't know, he lives upstairs in 302." They looked at each other and hugged. They were happy each other were alive. Kyle broke the hug first, "We should probably get to my room, I have a bunch of food and water." His girlfriend looked at him, "Okay, let's go."

The pair stepped outside into the night. Across the parking lot, sitting under room 301, were three zombies looking directly at them. They froze; if these things decided to sprint at them, there was no way they'd be able to make it to Kyle's dorm before they got eaten. Kyle tried to figure out a solution. They could always backtrack into the dorm they just walked out of, but this would leave them exposed on the bottom floor with three and possibly more zombies pounding on the window. He didn't like those odds of survival. "On the count of three run to my dorm. The door is unlocked, run up to my room and stay there I'll be there soon."

"What are you talking..."

"1,2,3 GO." Kyle ran towards the zombies, they started darting toward him. He turned left toward the 200 building. The three beasts followed him. He turned slightly left again so he could get around the corner of the building. He rounded another corner to the back of the building, he could hear the zombies now, getting closer. He saw what he had hoped to see two air conditioning units right next to each other. Kyle jumped behind them right before the first of the three zombie burst from the corner. It tore past the air conditioning units and towards the woods. He heard the other two coming, as their feet hit the ground in front of the air conditioning units, he held his breath. One of the zombies followed the first but the other slowed to a stop. Kyle's heart dropped. He heard the zombie sniffing the air. It walked on all fours slowly towards the units. Without a weapon he didn't know if he could fight one without being bitten. He figured if he jumped out at it he could get the element of surprise and stun it long enough to get away. It crept closer, deliberately sniffing every inch of ground, not missing any clues. Kyle got ready to jump out at it. As he was about to lunge, he heard a metal clang. After a beat he looked up, there stood his girlfriend with the same metal water bottle she had hit him with. "You just love that thing don't you?" She smiled "It comes in handy, you going to stop hiding now?" Kyle got out from behind the units. Together they walked back to his dorm.