Bite Back Pt. 2

Bite Back Pt. 2

A sci-fi short story.

Kyle took a few steps back in shock. There was never anyone in Romano, especially this soon after class had ended. He wondered, "where had everyone gone?" He decided to run to the academic buildings and see if anyone was there and his fears were just mere coincidences.

He exited the student center and ran straight for the door opposite him, across a small walkway that leads into Costello Hall. The security officer sat in front of him, door closed and the lights off. No one was there either. He turned right and ran through the halls of the Maguire building. Every class he passed was the same, doors closed, and lights off. He got to the end of the hall turned right, pushed through the door to make a sharp left to the staircase, taking them two at a time. The top floor was a mirrored image of the main floor, every door closed and no lights were on. He knew in his gut that the bottom floor would be the same but he made his way down the two flights of stairs and saw that the ground floor was nearly pitch black with only a little light shining through the classroom windows through the doors and into the halls. Nothing moved. No sound could be heard except that of his own breathing.

He went back up one flight to the main floor and by now he was tired of running. Walking through the hall past the dark security office, he went straight into Spellman hall. It was the same as Maguire except at the end of the hall he noticed a lot more light coming from the library. Excited that he might find life on campus, he sprinted down the hall and turned the corner only to find that the light was on but no one was in there. He opened the door and walked in. Nothing could be heard except for a bird outside. He turned right and went down a flight of stairs to the bottom floor of the library, a popular spot to do homework. He saw that it was almost pitch black. He ran out of the door and through the small hallway that leads outside, the worries returning to his mind. He burst outside. Everything was the same, all the cars were silent and the campus was deserted. Maybe the school had a walk out and he didn't know about it. If he left campus, he'd find people for sure. He knew this was most likely not true but he had to keep hoping. He ran back to his dorm for his keys. Running to his car, he thought he saw a person between the cars but after he looked, he saw that it was only a shadow of a plastic bag that blew between them.

Kyle got into his car and raced off campus. There was a Stop&Shop nearby, certainly there'd be people there. He sped down the road, not caring to get pulled over because at least that meant people were there. He made a left onto route 303, and noticed there were no cars on the road either. He pulled right onto the road that leads to Stop&Shop on the left and Lowe's on the right. There were cars in both parking lots. Kyle nearly crashed into a light pole as he stared at the cars. He was relieved; it meant people drove this morning and the student body just wasn't at school today. He pulled into a spot, needing to see the people with his own two eyes. He ran up to the automatic door, only to run right into it and fall backwards. The door was locked. As he stood up, his mouth dropped in disbelief. There was no way Stop&Shop was closed and his whole school as missing. He looked around for anything to break through the door. Seeing nothing but a few shopping carts, he decided it was his best option. He rammed into the door at full speed with the cart, shattering the glass. As he tumbled through the doors, he noted that the alarm didn't go off. He stood and walked into the main part of the building. As he turned right to look at the aisles, he was greeted with the smiling face of someone. He almost wept until he noticed that they didn't say anything, but just kept staring at him. "Hi?" Kyle offered. The person continued to simply stare at him. Kyle took a step back and the person took one step forward. Now that the person stood in front of the door, Kyle could see that their skin was gray, and their smile was missing a few teeth. Kyle gasped and the thing lunged at him. He side stepped and it went tumbling into a stand of flowers. Kyle ran back outside towards his car only to see two more of the things running more like dogs than humans. He unlocked his car and jumped in. Not bothering to lock the doors or put his seat belt on, he sped out of the parking lot. This couldn't be true, they couldn't be what he thought they were. As he pulled back into his campus he saw a group of people walking around. He drove up to them only to find that they too had gray skin but this time from their teeth hung something that looked a little too much like skin for Kyle's comfort. He floored into the middle lot where the dorms were. As he got out of his car, he noticed they were chasing him. He ran to his dorm door opened it, slammed it shut and locked it. He leaped up the stairs to his dorm and opened the door at the top. He saw that his suite mates had left their doors propped open and ran into their room because their room had a window view of the parking lot. Kyle peeked out of the blinds and scanned the lot. The group of three that chased him stood around his car. He noticed that near the space between the 200 and 300 buildings, more were coming. None of them were human anymore.

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The Ultimate List Of 'One Tree Hill' Moments That Left Us Shook

There's only one Tree Hill.

Late last semester, I was in desperate need of a new Netflix show to start watching. I casually inquired to my roommates if I should start watching "One Tree Hill." Both having watched the show before, and slightly horrified that I've never even seen a single episode, they wholeheartedly urged me to begin the emotional journey that is "One Tree Hill." The show is quite a doozy at nine seasons, but I powered through all the ridiculous, melodramatic, and, above all, ups and downs that the multitude of characters experience. I have way too many thoughts concerning this show, but here we go.

Here are some of the best things about this show:

1. Brooke & Peyton's Friendship

2.Haley & Nathan's First Kiss

3. The Cracker Jack Box Prize

4. The Boytoy Auction

5. Lucas and Nathan's Budding Friendship

6. Whitey's Tough Love And Wisdom

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39. The Cast Singing Along To The Theme Song

40. This Iconic Line

"One Tree Hill" is definitely a show that gives you some serious feelings, and because of that, I think it's one of the best teen dramas ever made. Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Peyton, Karen, Keith, Whitey, Jamie, Deb, Mouth, Skills, Clay, Quinn, Millie, Chase, Chris, and even Dan will always have a place in every OTH fan's heart. There is, after all, only one Tree Hill.

Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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