Bite Back

Bite Back

A sci-fi short story.

"All right, class is over. Don't forget about your quiz next class, and I'll also be collecting the homework based on your reading since it was obvious none of you read the chapter for this class. See you next Thursday," the professor called over the sound of people closing their books. The class groaned and muttered under their breaths as they threw their backpacks over their shoulders. Kyle Morris had been one of the few people in his class to read the chapter and he was honestly confused why people couldn't read four pages of a book to make class run smoothly.

As the class left, Kyle took his time getting his headphones out and plugging them into his phone so he could listen to music while walking back to his dorm. It was already 8:30 at night. The walk to his dorm from Borelli Hall wasn't too long, just enough to get a song or two in. As he exited the building on his right, he saw Maguire and Costello Halls followed by Spellman further down the line. On his left was the Romano Student Alumni Center; too bad it was so late that the grille was closed, he could feel the hunger pains forming in his stomach. He looked up at the stars and shuddered as a cold wind hit him. It would be spring soon enough but right now it was a cold February night. As he came closer to the Village, the grouping of dorms for everyone but freshmen, he saw the parking lot was still and quiet and only a few lights were on in the dorm windows. It was Thursday night and since most people didn't have class on Fridays, the parking lot would be mostly empty in the morning.

Kyle enjoyed the light bouncing off the ground, wet with the rain from earlier in the day. He got to the 100 building which was where his dorm was, went a few doors down and turned left down a short path that led to his door. Once inside, he went up the stairs, opened the door at the top, and turned left again to go into his dorm. The room was small, just enough space for the three people living in it. The three beds were empty and the desks in the middle were still cluttered. His roommates weren't back yet but that was no surprise since they usually came in around 11 or later. Kyle walked across the room and jumped onto his bed. He grabbed his book and started reading but after about an hour and a few chapters later he felt himself drifting off, the words became muddled together and he wasn't reading coherent sentences in his head anymore. Before long he was sleeping above his blanket with the light on and still in the clothes he was wearing from the day.

Kyle woke up the next morning to find his thumb still on the page he fell asleep at which was a blessing. He looked around, no roommates to be seen. He looked at his phone, the bright screen hurting his eyes from being so close; it read 10:00. His roommates were probably in class already. Jumping out of bed, Kyle changed and figured he should eat since it was already past breakfast. He exited his dorm and went downstairs. Outside was warm and there was a fairly thick fog in the air. Kyle could barely see the 200 or 300 buildings to his left and in front of him, respectively. The parking lot seemed fuller than usual for a Friday but maybe everyone was hungover or sleeping in. He turned right and started making his way towards the student center. He felt something was off but he couldn't figure out what it was, deciding it was hunger pains, he kept walking toward the student center looking forward to some cereal or eggs. He passed the statue that stood on top of a small slope that led to the main academic buildings, smiling as he saw some flowers were fighting their way through the cold nights. He reached the doors of the student center and walked in still feeling the weird feeling gnawing at his gut.

Once he looked down into the open floor where the grille was, he suddenly realized what had been bothering him. Every car was still on campus but not a single person was there.

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Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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