12 Places In Birmingham You Need To Visit
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12 Places In Birmingham You Need To Visit

Birmingham has so many amazing spots, but these are my favorite.

12 Places In Birmingham You Need To Visit

Birmingham, Alabama is the place I call home, and it has come with so many memories. The best places to go to are in Birmingham, especially if you're in need of a great time.

1. Birmingham Barons Game

Baseball is America’s Past time, right? Plus, the Birmingham Barons have always known how to please a crowd. You can grab tickets here!

2. The Summit

The Summit has a wide variety of shopping, eating, and entertainment, so it's hard to not find something to do there! My personal favorite is getting my nails done at the Venetian Nail Spa, and eating a dinner with a view at Chuy's.

3. The Birmingham Zoo

Going to the zoo is always an awesome idea if you have kids, but the Birmingham Zoo always has extra events docked on their calendars, to make sure you get the most out of your experience. And, if you need a spot for your child's birthday, you can host it there and get a one year adoption of an animal in the zoo! Check out their calendar here.

4. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

In high school, we would always take trips to this magnificent display of history. It is right across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church, which was bombed during the civil rights movement. Pieces that are showcased in this institute are truly breathtaking, and being able to learn more about the history of our nation is something everyone should do. Visit them.

5. Oak Mountain Amphitheater

The Oak Mountain Amphitheater features so many artists of all varieties! They always make sure you have the best experience there, and its never a bad time to go. Personally, I've seen 5 Seconds of Summer and Journey at this venue, and loved every minute. You can find their upcoming events on their site.

6. Rainbow Tunnel

If you're from Birmingham, you've definitely taken an entire camera roll worth of pictures in this very tunnel. Just make sure you have plenty of friends to enjoy the fun! Here are the directions.

7. Railroad Park

I've spent so much time at Railroad Park because it is such a nice area to just be yourself. I've done photoshoots, spent my birthday, and celebrated Independence Day with fireworks here, and every time, I have an awesome experience. Its free to go, and its so refreshing to walk through the open area and get to know someone, or just to relax.

8. Uptown

Uptown has some of the best restaurants in Birmingham and is conveniently located next to the BJCC. So, if you ever go to a concert and want the full "night out" experience, grub and take awesome pictures here, first!

9. McWane Science Center

This is another perfect place for a kid-friendly day! It has tons of neat science experiments that make it fun for everyone in the family, including an IMAX theatre! Check them out now.

10. Alabama Theatre

The Alabama Theatre feels like home when I'm there. It's never a bad idea to go watch a showing of some sort because they truly take care of you. The inside is absolutely gorgeous, and you don't want to miss hearing the infamous Big Bertha, the ninety-year-old organ. See what they have going on.

11. Vulcan

The Vulcan is a must see in Birmingham, because you get such a beautiful view of the city, while also getting a glimpse of its traditions. Not to mention, it makes for a spot for beautiful pictures, too!

12. Zyp Bikes

The perfect way to end your Birmingham getaway is to ride the Zyp bikes around the city and bask in its amazing glory. It's so fun to take a friend and explore!

These are my favorite places inside of my favorite city, and I hope you enjoy them too. It's such an amazing community that I would hate to not be apart of. So, visit Birmingham.

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