Binding is safe when done the right way and it can make you feel great about yourself! Not everyone feels the need to bind, but those that do need to make sure they are being safe when they do it or you can suffer from several health issues.

1. Know Where You Want To Buy Your Binder From

There are several places you can buy binders from, the place most people that bind get binders from are gc2b. Yes, there are other places you can get binders, but gc2b offers different styles, colors, and sizes all for a reasonable price and a good return policy. Another bonus with gc2b is that they ship their binders very discreetly so that if it is unsafe for you to order one, the packaging does not reveal what is inside.

2. What Style Binder Are You Going To Get?

A binder is a binder, right? Wrong. Gc2b offers a half binder and a tank binder, as do most binder companies. I personally prefer a half binder because they are much cooler. The fabric is thick and is made to be tighter fitting on your body, so the tanks get really warm really quick. However, if you are trying to hide your hips or you want something you can tuck in, then the tank is probably best for you!

3. What Size Do I Need To Get?

Do NOT try and measure yourself on your own! I promise if you measure yourself you will not get the right size. Have a friend help you measure yourself. There is a size guide on most binder websites, here is the link to gc2b's size chart.

PS: Always go up a size if you are in between sizes or if you are unsure! Trust me.

4. How Do I Put It On?


Well, you put it on like anything else you'd put on in that area. But, I'm not the most graceful of people so I got stuck in mine the first few times I tried it on and took it off. So that being said, again, I'd have a friend with you that can help you. The back of the binder is flexible but the front doesn't really move and it's hard to get on and off.

5. How Long Do I Wear It?

Most people say not to bind more than eight hours at a time. I have asthma so I can't always bind that long. For the first week or so, don't try to bind more than a couple hours a day. Bring something else that you have used prior to your binder and change after a couple of hours. Also, please don't try to bind every single day it isn't safe and it will hurt!

6. What Should I Wear On My "Off" Days?

What you wear when you aren't binding is up to you and what you have done before. Personally, I wear Compression Fit Sports Bras from Target. They are fairly inexpensive and I've found that they make my chest look flatter than most things. Some days my shoulders hurt too much from binding with a binder or a sports bra, so I just have to wear a regular bra. Those days suck.