To My Big Sister As She Graduates College

Congratulations Calla Lynne. You have finally done it. You made it through all four years of college alive. After many nights of studying, on top of working and being a mom, you are finally getting the degree that you deserve and have always wanted.

There may have been many arguments and tears along the way, but I could not be any prouder of you right now.

There were so many situations during your college career that you have handled with grace. On days you wanted to give up, you kept going, even if it was just for that sweet little boy of yours, you let us celebrate with you on the days you did well on a test or got your first interview for your dream job.

You have shown me how to enjoy the good times and that life goes on even during the bad.

There are not enough words to express the pride I have in you for all the hard work you have done. You have taught me what it is like to be a good student, good sister, and an even greater person.

Thank you for the days you kept pushing me to be the very best. Thank you for always being my biggest fan, hardest critic, and giving me a shoulder to cry on. You always held me up even when you couldn’t hold up yourself. You have taught me to value the little things that are important in life.

Thank you for setting the standards for me on how to act and how not to while growing up.

As you continue to grow into an amazing woman, I hope you are able to see just how many people love you and Cohen and just how proud we all are of you. Despite the bumps in the road, you have accomplished so much.

For 19 years, you have been the best role model for me and each step you take drives me to be like you. Thank you for playing with me when I was little, for sleepovers in your room, and for letting me call you whenever I need to. Thank you for dealing with my sassiness and for putting up with my stubbornness.

I pray that you continue to be the motivated and beautiful woman you are today no matter where life takes you.

You are onto your next big thing in life now and I know more than anyone that you will conquer it just like all the other things you have in life this far. So as you graduate and accept your diploma, do not forget that we love you and are so proud of you.

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