Finding the best music to workout to can be a struggle. The need to remain motivated and energized throughout a workout is no easy task. It requires good music and positive vibes. 2F Big Bootie Mixes are a mix I stumbled onto last year on Soundcloud when looking for some new workout music. The two friends, hence the 2F, create these amazing mixes that are perfect for working out because they always seem to keep me on my toes. Plus, there are currently five available mixes on Soundcloud so you can mix it up. These four aspects are what keep me coming back for more.

1. They are remixes.


I am a person who gets easily bored with songs, especially when I am running. After a while, it feels like I am just being lulled into the rhythm of the song and that my workout is never going to end. Or even worse, I get so bored by the song that I start changing the music and fiddling with my phone. I get more caught up in my phone than what I am actually doing that I am not getting a good workout in and I ultimately feel as if I am just wasting my time. Since each of these songs is actually an hour of dozens of different songs remixed together, it doesn't get boring. None of the songs are repeated and none of them are overplayed. Each song is played in short snippets and often remixed with a base or spliced together with another song. Even after listening to each of the mixes multiple times, I never seem to get tired of them.

2. The length is amazing. 


Each one of these killer mixes is about an hour long—the perfect amount of time to get in a good run, some quick lifting, and even a quick ab work out. This is so beneficial especially on days where I don't necessarily want to work out. These days don't happen often, but when they do, I feel like calling it quits after a quick 20 minutes of cardio. The length of these mixes allows me to set a time for my workout that is easy to adhere to. By forcing myself to go the full length of the song even if I don't feel like working out, I have still gotten in my 60 minutes of recommended physical activity, so I am set.

3. There are plenty of throwbacks.

Backstreet Boys

Nothing is better than having a few amazing throwbacks in the mix. We all know those amazing throwback sing-alongs that instantly get us hyped when we hear them. Well, this mix has plenty of those. There are '00s jams mixed in with some '80s rock and some '90s pop. Any mix that can incorporate the Backstreet Boys and Ludacris into a seamless transition that incorporates the best of the late '90s and early '00s is a win in my book. The selection is so diverse in each mix and songs are not typically repeated across the mixes. Another great thing about the throwbacks in these mixes is hearing songs I haven't heard in a while, which takes me back to the good old days.

4. The voice clips they use enhance it all. 

Sports Announcers

I am not even sure how to describe this part of the mixes, but they honestly make them 100x better. At random points through the mixes, little voice clips are inserted. The complete randomness and the surprise of when these will magically pop up in the mix making it so much more fun to work out to. It helps to break up the workouts so it doesn't feel like a never-ending mix and workout. Plus, a lot of them are super funny, and they just make to workout more enjoyable. Occasionally, you need a quick little giggle during a workout. Workouts are not the most enjoyable things in the world—sometimes they suck and sometimes they are painful—so having little bursts of laughter can help ease the struggle of working out.

If you want to check out these mixes here is a link to my favorite one: 2F Big Bootie Mix Vol. 14