Sometimes Staying In Their Life Is Better Than Nothing
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Sometimes Staying In Their Life Is Better Than Nothing

Even though we may not be together anymore that does not mean I don't want to be involved in your life.

Sometimes Staying In Their Life Is Better Than Nothing

You like each other, you go on dates, you develop feelings, and then one of you calls it off. After things end you get kind of sad because you built this habit of talking to them every day and then all of a sudden you guys aren't talking anymore. Trust me, that is a perfectly normal feeling especially within the dating world now.

Dating in the 21st century is hard already and to say that dating now is confusing is definitely an understatement. Even though we date around there is no doubt that we all yearn for that special relationship. Yeah, dating is all fun and games until we get feelings and then hear the saying "I'm not ready for a relationship" or "I think we should just be friends."

Being friends with someone after getting feelings and hearing them say that they just want to be friends is pretty hard. You start talking to them every single day, you build this routine with this person, and then out of the blue things end. Part of you thinks that letting go and moving on is the best thing but sometimes you want to cling on to that person not because you have hope that you guys will end up together; but because you don't want to lose a friend.

I'm the type of person that has a hard time letting friends go after things end. If we were able to be friends before we gained feelings then why can't we still be friends if things don't work out right? Well, wrong. Being friends with someone after they just want to be friends is harder than you think.

I remember when I had feelings for someone and things not working out. Of course, I was upset and I knew that not being friends with them was the right call. But, when I saw them day by day living their life and accomplishing so much; it was hard for me personally do not want to be friends and celebrate the little victories with them.

At the end of the day, I reached out and even though we are not a thing we are still affirming each other and we are such good friends. There may not be romantic feelings involved but I can't imagine my life without his friendship. Sometimes overcoming your pride and accepting that rejection and staying in each other's life is better than not being in each other's life at all.

Just because you guys aren't a thing anymore that does not mean that you guys have to cut each other out of your life and stop supporting each other. Now, if that person is toxic then without a doubt let them go and don't look back. But if you guys ended things very maturely then why not try and be friends?

It's hard to not be friends with someone and still see them living their life day by day. It's hard to not root for them and cheer them on when they aren't in your life. Sometimes you just have to swallow up your feelings and simply be friends with them because we can all use that special someone to care for us and affirm us and our little victories.

So if you were thinking about that certain someone that you aren't friends anymore while reading this; reach out to them. Overcome that fear of being hurt because sometimes being a little bit in their life and having them as your friend is better than not having them in your life at all.

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