When 'The Walking Dead' Finally Dies, Who You Gonna Watch?
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If The Walking Dead Ever Actually Dies (A.K.A. Apocalypse Alternates)

Just in case, you know, The Walking Dead EVER has the grace to JUST DIE.

If The Walking Dead Ever Actually Dies (A.K.A. Apocalypse Alternates)

The Walking Dead has been rotting away for quite a while now, but some of its fans are still hanging on by the skin of their katanas (ever since that one thing with Glenn...oh b o y . . .). In the event that on one blessed day, the AMC puts their production crews out of their misery and cancels the show with a wonderfully FINAL finale, many zombie enthusiasts will be left without another show to watch that gives them that same terrified yet curious feeling that always comes with the prospect of doomsday.

Fear not, for there are quite a few other sources of media that are just calling out your name from their gloomy, conspiracy-ridden corners.

“We’re Alive” Podcast


For anyone who has read any of my other articles, you'll know that I think podcasts are generally underrated, but this one is killer (literally). With over 50 hours straight of listening time, this show is certain to tickle your zombie fancy in a way that you never thought a podcast could. It follows a large group of survivors led by three military men in Los Angeles, right near the epicenter of the outbreak. There's romance, violence, heartbreak, and a script that will have you laughing one second and crying the next. Not enough for you? Well, did I mention that the zombies are actually mutating?

“Doomsday Preppers” TV Show


I'm not usually one for reality tv, but this one is just too interesting to discount. There are always those crazy people who spout all these insane theories for how the apocalypse will occur -- nuclear Armageddon, a super volcano, economic collapse, GMO rejection, World War III (and yes, even zombies) -- but what we never do is look into how they themselves are getting ready for the end of the world. In this National Geographic show, we follow three "preppers" per episode and see how they are getting ready for doomsday, followed by being scored on their preparedness by professionals in the field (and yes, that includes how long they would survive). It's incredibly interesting, involving real-life tips on how we all can prep for the end of times.

“Santa Clarita Diet” TV Show


Granted, this is definitely on the funnier side of the genre, but who doesn't want to laugh a little while they watch Drew Barrymore eat someone's brain? In this short series, we watch the perfect Hammonds struggle to hide the fact that their matriarch has been unwittingly turned into a flesh-eating monster. Wait, is she really a zombie if she's still conscious and basically the same person as before (except for having to eat other people)? Who knows?

“The Rain” TV Show


Yeah, it's in Danish, but who cares when a show is this interesting? (Plus, there's a dub for the whiners out there.) In this series, a virus falls from the sky in the form of raindrops and wipes out most of Scandinavia. Some people survive in bunkers and encounter other young people but of course, things still go wrong, because they always do. This is less of a zombie show and more of an apocalypse show, but if you're looking for a less mainstream "The 100" with beautiful production value and a totally different feel, this is the one for you.

UPCOMING: “Black Summer” TV Show


It's not out yet and won't be until April 11th, but holy crap does it look like it'll give The Walking Dead a run for its money. With a similar concept but brand new cast of characters, faster zombies, and a new apocalypse, Black Summer is sure to be an apocalyptic hit. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer.

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