These Dems Are Better Qualified For Presidency Than Nancy Pelosi
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Move Over Nancy Pelosi, These 5 Candidates Have You Beat For The Presidency In 2020

These Democrats are just the vote for a blue White House.

Nancy Pelosi

It is that time when senators, businessman, and celebrities start to talk about running for president. It's that time when the incumbent start to get a good idea of who Trump's competition is going to be. Really, I can't believe the past three years have flown by, seeing how we have accomplished so little with President Trump. There have been many Democrats that have already announced they will be running for president in hopes of dethroning Trump. However, there are also a couple of Democrats that need to be dethroned, including Nancy Pelosi, who has discussed running for president but hasn't officially announced it yet.

The Democratic Party needs to find a strong candidate to run for 2020; someone who can appeal to the moderate conservatives that don't support Trump. They need to find a candidate who is strong enough that they can make movement on the issues that America is facing like, for example, immigration. Another factor this candidate will need is they need to appeal to the younger generation. They also need to not necessarily be a woman, but at least be appealing to women and support women's rights. They need to be diverse, but most importantly they need to have strong values that the American people can support. These are five candidates I believe fit the bill.

1. Joe Biden

Joe Bidden is at the top of this list because not only is he a man who has strong values, he is also experienced. He is well-liked by both Republicans and Democrats. Joe Bidden isn't afraid to admit when he makes a mistake, which shows he is a noble as far as being a politician. He stated in a speech given on Human Rights Day (January 21st) that he has made mistakes when it has come to past bills he has supported. He also made a strong statement towards racism in America, "There's something we have to admit—not you—we, white America, has to admit, there's still systematic racism and it goes almost unnoticed by so many of us."

Having a President who is dedicated and acknowledges racism in America would be a huge step and a huge bonus for the Democratic party. Aside from this, Biden is a strong candidate because he is well-known. He is familiar. He's a candidate who could beat out Trump, not only with the support of his own party but with the Republican's who don't support Trump. It is safe to say that when Biden announces he will be running for President, he will be showered with the support of America as a whole.

2. Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy is the great-nephew of John F. Kennedy and the grandson of Bobby Kennedy. He basically has presidential qualities in his blood. Although Kennedy is younger, the ripe age of 38, and this is very young for a President, he is still an attractive option for the Democratic party. He can relate to young people. but also has the respect of older Democrats because of his family history. If that isn't convincing enough, he is a well-educated white American that comes from a long line of very well accomplished politicians, which is something our nation has supported in the past. The Democratic party and the American people need a president who is young, full of new ideas and a new face to the political scene. Why do you think Trump was such a hit? It's because he was a new face.

Joe Kennedy also has strong values. He fully supports women's rights, gun control, and the rights of minorities in America. Joe Kennedy is also an attractive case because he is very similar in his political make-up as Obama and his great uncle JFK. Having a Kennedy in office, who can push equality for all, is what America needs right now. I think that if Joe Kennedy would run with a strong vice president, he would be extremely popular among women, African Americans and college students. He would have my vote.

3. Kristen Gillibrand

Kristen Gillibrand is currently the senator of New York, which is a very interesting factor in her running for President. She took over Hillary Clinton's seat in 2009 and was re-elected in November. She has a history with the Clinton's but honestly what Democrat doesn't. I believe she is a stronger candidate than Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and even Hillary Clinton herself because she doesn't have a lot of baggage, she is a woman, and she is from New York. Given the fact that Trump is also from New York, this creates a very big divide for the otherwise blue state, which did have a support rate for Trump at 36%.

Throwing in another candidate from New York means that the number of Republican voters could possibly go down off loyalty and name recognition alone. Another big factor is that she is a woman and who knows women's right better than a woman? She is also the right woman; she hasn't made a bad name for herself and hasn't gotten into conflicts that the other Democratic women nominees have. She is also young and a relatively effective politician. At the end of the day, she could be a strong candidate because of who isn't.

4. Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is one powerful woman. She has already captured the attention of so many people and she isn't even in office. She still is able to use her voice to support the rights of minorities and women alike. She stands up for what she thinks is wrong and she even did this when her husband was in office. She is also smart, well educated and empowering. Michelle Obama isn't the next Hillary Clinton though because 1) she actually understands National Security and 2) she doesn't have a lot of baggage in the sense that past mistakes could really inhibit her ability to run.

She also didn't create a career as a politician off her husbands' career because one very notable and attractive feature of Michelle Obama is that she isn't a politician, but she understands politics and what it takes to be a successful president because she was married to one. Michelle Obama is an attractive candidate because yes, she would have tons of support. I see her buddy George W. Bush fully supporting her, along with other Democrats. The main reason why she would be successful is because when you strip away her past address, she is a normal American woman who has the same concerns as every middle-class citizen, every African American, and every mother in the United States. She really would be the president of the people.

Even if Michelle Obama decides to not run for President, Biden-Obama 2020 does have a nice ring to it.

5. Doug Jones

If you want a white male who can push forward equality agendas while also being supported by the Republicans of the south, Doug Jones is your guy. Jones will be written in a history book for taking a red state like Alabama and making it blue. Being an optimist, I would like to say that Jones won for his views and not because of his opponent's sexual misconduct allegations. Doug Jones has shown during the longest government shut down in American history goes into its fifth week that he isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He took a stance like Nancy Pelosi and was far less criticized for opening the government back up and discussing border security, which means he is going head to head with President Trump.

A bold choice for a Senator who is up for reelection in 2020 and from a state that highly supports Trump and the wall. It's the exact boldness we need moving forward. Let's face it, the issues of America are deeply rooted, and we need a president who can stand up for what they believe in and not what is going to please the House and Senate. We need a president who is willing to put up a fight, not someone who is okay with having the government in a shutdown. Doug Jones is a bold and passionate politician who is very likely to be getting some Republican support in this upcoming election.

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