The 10 Meals Trump Should Have Fed Clemson
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The 10 Meals Trump Should Have Fed Clemson

Alabama dodged a bullet on this one...


Monday night, the President of the United States held a dinner for the college football champions, the Clemson Tigers. The team beat the most hated college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Upon their victory, President Trump announced he would be hosting a dinner for the Tigers, a feast that all college football teams dream of joining.

It's an honor to be asked by the president to join him for dinner at the White House. Not many people can say that they've had that honor, but after Monday night's meal, many people will pass up the opportunity.

President Trump decided that there was no meal better than "great American food." The Clemson team was welcomed to a table laid out with Big Macs, chicken McNuggets, and Wendy's salads. Of course, all of the food was plated beautifully in their grease-stained boxes and wrappers, and the sauces were displayed in large, silver bowls. Quite a display, if you ask Mr. President, who smiled so proudly, as though he'd prepared each meal himself.

So what else could Trump have served the National Champions? Could he have gone above and beyond and plated some of the finest and freshest seafood? Gourmet dishes prepared by top chefs around the globe?

These are the 10 meals that Trump could have given Clemson at the White House dinner.

69¢ wings at Hobbit

The whole team could have eaten to their heart's content, all for the low price of 69¢ a wing, with a 10 wing minimum. Not bad at all, Mr. Trump.

Pub Subs

The subs of all subs, the king of all deli foods, the Publix Sub. Clemson wouldn't know how great their life was until they first try a Pub Sub.

Wawa Subs

The Pub Sub's less attractive sister, the Wawa sub, would have been a great meal for the National Champions. And they're conveniently located in a gas station, so everyone could fuel up before their trip back to South Carolina.

Vale Bowls

A healthier alternative for the growing boys, President Trump probably could have ordered a variety of bowls for Clemson with brown rice and quinoa and veggies. Nutritionists will agree.

Five Guys

If you're going to get burgers, at least get some real burgers. Trump could have gotten a huge order of some real delicious American burgers, not that fast food junk.

Bento Box

A variety of noodles, rice, veggies, and teriyaki chicken would have been a better meal for the Clemson team than crappy boxed-burgers.


Trump could have hosted the White House dinner at Chili's instead of the bland White House. The team could have shared an Awesome Blossom and some Baby Back Ribs and would have gone home with smiles on their faces.


If Trump wanted to treat the team to a well-deserved meal, he could have gotten Gordo's fake-Cuban cuisine catered to the White House. The Clemson Tigers could have ordered some Smashes and fried yuca and it would have made headlines better than "American fast food."


Nothing like a real American fast food feast than plates upon plates of Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, endless amounts of Chick-fil-A sauce, and bowls of waffle fries.

Guthrie's Boxes

It was apparent that Trump couldn't decide on a proper meal for Clemson, so the smart route would have been Guthrie's boxes for everyone. Chicken strips, Texas toast, and Guthrie's sauce completes the ultimate boxed meal for National Champs.

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