The "Bests" And "Worsts" Of A Freshman's First Semester
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The "Bests" And "Worsts" Of A Freshman's First Semester

Scheming, "Saturday's Are For The Boys" flags in every house, and an endless supply of Keystone Light cans on their front lawn the next morning.

The "Bests" And "Worsts" Of A Freshman's First Semester

Now that the first semester of college is over, I thought I'd commence it by discussing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Starting from freshman orientation and studying all the way until winter break, here are the best and worst times I've had in college so far.

Let's start off with the bad news first. Here are five of my worst experiences in college so far:

1. Dorm life

The cramped space, the weird stains on the carpets that look like they're straight out of a low-budget 80s horror film, and the disgusting bathroom from living with other girls; There's no further explanation needed as to why dorm life is picked as a worst.

2. Partying

For one, at UWM we don't have parties, and if we do, they're not great. They consist of cheap beer that a kid bought at Walgreen's for $12 with his newly purchased fake ID, girls on the floor crying and talking about how nice the leather couch they're sitting next to is, and sweaty bodies filling a one level house. 10/10 would not recommend.

3. Douchey frat guys

Scheming, "Saturday's Are For The Boys" flags in every house, and an endless supply of Keystone Light cans on their front lawn the next morning.

4. Final exams

Honestly, if you thought you'd make it through this list without seeing this dreaded six-letter word, you were wrong. The amount of blood (from the paper cuts), sweat (during the final itself), and tears (both before and after the exam) are what fuel my nightmares.

5. And lastly, the everlasting stress you'll receive

Even though the semester just ended, I still feel like I have something to turn in. And for everyone asking, no, that feeling will never go away for the duration of your college years.

Even with the bad, some good always comes along. Here are five of my bests in college so far!

1. New friends

I mean, this one is kind of a given. I would love to thank UWM's freshman orientation for giving me three of my closest friends who love having Taco Tuesday and taking random bus rides, just to get out of the studying realm.

2. New Student Orientation

I don't know about your school, but at UWM, our freshman orientation was the greatest thing in the world and I would do it over one million times. The number of friends I made, the amount of food I ate, and the amount of information I got in those two days definitely made me more excited to start school and lessened my nerves like crazy.

3. On-site Taco Bell and ice cream

Heaven is a place on Earth with an on-site Taco Bell and Cedar Crest ice cream shop!

4. Picking classes that you want to take

Though you still have to take some classes in areas you hate, such as science, you have options, unlike high school, where you were forced to take biology even if you didn't want to. Now, instead of crying about biology, I just sob about atmospheric sciences.

5. Finally, all of the real-world experiences I have made so far

I finally learned how to take the bus, make doctor's appointments myself (I hope my mom is proud), and taught others how to do basic human functions like how to not burn microwave popcorn, how to properly open a wine bottle, and how to do laundry.

Even though there were a few bad experiences, the highest of the highs definitely made up for them. To all of my fellow college students out there: I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break, Happy Holidays, and best of luck in your winter or spring semesters!

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