I love music. I have Spotify Premium and am constantly making a variety of playlists for different things. Whether it be a rainy day, a season I am in, or just a car playlist, I have it all. However, when it comes to my Godly playlists, I tend to only have a few, and of those few, I only play them 9% of the time.

I know, I know, I know. I just am not a person who connects to God through music. I am that girl who literally dreads standing up and singing in church. I am usually counting down the songs until we can sit down for the sermon. It's not that the music is bad. I just don't meet God through songs.

I connect to God through the sermons, Bible studies, and talking about Him to others. I find it thrilling to devour my Bible and connect the dots. I draw circles around certain words and have arrows crossing over pages while my cursive is scribbled along the margins and in every corner.

Everyone connects to God differently, but there is importance in every aspect of worship and singing is a great way to connect to Him. Even if you aren't the most pumped about it.

There have been times when the last thing I want to do is pray or talk to God, let alone listen to music and worship Him. The times where you just don't want to get out of bed. The days where you are sitting in a crowded room and the last thing you want to be is there. When you come home from work and just lay in your bed and sleep because it's better than going through the motions.

Those are the times where we should always turn to God first.

In those times, talking to God and praying helps a little bit, but usually, I am too stubborn to do that and I instead soak in my pity and just huddle under the covers, waiting for sleep to take me. Therefore, I realized that's when I need music the most. The lyrics are the words that I need to hear when I am at my darkest; when I don't want to hear it but need to.

I recently went through dozens of playlists and artists and picked out my favorite songs. This is a collection of lyrics that I always need when the anxiety is creeping up on me. It's a collection of soft guitar solos and pretty piano pieces that whisper God's love for me when the world is just too loud. It's God's love letter to me. Him telling me what I need to hear.

I am by far not a Christian music fanatic. I have never truly cried while listening to a song in church, or while at a concert, but this playlist allows me to feel God's arms circle around me when I am at my lowest. I have realized that Christian music allows you to connect with God, and although it's not my favorite thing, I have come to appreciate it.

This is the playlist for all the people who hurt, who don't want to worship at the moment, who would rather hide under the covers than talk to God.

This is for you.