10 Things To Add To Your Trader Joe's Shopping List When You're Ready To Branch Out From Cookie Butter
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10 Things To Add To Your Trader Joe's Shopping List When You're Ready To Branch Out From Cookie Butter

Trader Joe's. We all know it, we all love it, but not everyone has truly experienced it.

10 Things To Add To Your Trader Joe's Shopping List When You're Ready To Branch Out From Cookie Butter

Infamous for their high-quality, sustainably sourced, and slightly healthier-than-usual food options, Trader Joe's has a lot to offer.

However, sometimes having so many choices leaves us sticking to the comfort of just a few. I've definitely branched out, realized I wasn't a huge fan of an item, and ended up left with a mostly full bag of food I didn't like and less money in my bank account because of it. But sometimes I was successful.

Here's a compilation of some of the best things that Trader Joe's has to offer for when you want to branch out without buyer's remorse:

1. Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips


Takis? Never heard of them. Here's a slightly healthier and just as tasty (if not more) alternative. You're welcome.

2. Crispy Crunchy Okra


In search of a tasty, savory snack that wasn't made from potatoes, I stumbled upon these bad boys. When I tell you that kale chips suck, I mean there has yet to be a time that actual veggie snacks haven't failed to disappoint me - until I tried Crispy Crunchy Okra. Here's to guilt-free snacking.

3. Belgian Butter Almond Thins


These are godsent, but be careful not to over indulge in these highly addictive treats. Or do. No one can blame you.

4. Blueberry & Açaí Facial Scrub


Lo and behold, the cosmetic world of our favorite grocery store. I never thought a food company could be trusted for their skin care products, but apparently they can. After borrowing this product from my friend, I immediately picked up my own. Plus, it smells amazing.

5. Dixie Peach Juice


Use it as a mixer or drink it alone - this versatile juice will never let you down. It is made completely from fruit purees and concentrates with no added sugar, so no added guilt.

6. White Truffle Potato Chips


Sure they're still potato chips, but they're truffle flavored. Eating these allows you to feel classy while pleasing your very mature palate.

7. Organic Sparkling Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar


I'm all here for Kombucha, but $3.30 for an upwards of 10 grams of sugar? Apple cider vinegar is a prebiotic, and this drink tastes amazing, cost only $1.99, and has 5 grams of sugar from honey (and you can't even taste the difference). What started out as a Kombucha alternative for when I wanted to mix it up a bit, quickly became my drink of preference. Yes, I said it.

8. Joe-Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies


Joe-Joe's are a childhood favorite. As the daughter of a mom who only let her kids eat candy on Saturdays, Oreos were never really found in our household. But these, along with dunkers, were our go-to treat.

9. Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash


After my discovery of the Blueberry & Açaí Facial Scrub, I gave this body wash a go. Let me tell you, tea tree works absolute wonders for the skin, and this soap does just the job.

10. Spiced Cider


'Tis the season for the best apple cider a grocery store can offer. I actually discovered this drink when Trader Joe's was sampling it - and it rocked my world. The trick is to heat it up a little bit and boom. Christmas.

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