Top 7 Ways to Find A Home Inspection Company
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Top 7 Ways to Find A Home Inspection Company


Top 7 Ways to Find A Home Inspection Company

Best Tips A Good Home Inspection Company

Top 7 Ways to Find A Home Inspection Company

Are you looking for a new home? In my opinion, the most challenging task for you might be to find a good home inspector. No matter how tiring and frustrating it seems, you should not delay this task until you find a good house. It is better to look for a good home inspector on time, otherwise, once you are already in the middle of a deal, you might end up choosing the first home inspector Peachtree City that you find as you start looking for one.

If you are looking for a home, getting a home inspection company Peactree city can be the wisest decision in the home purchasing process. It allows you to make a fully informed decision after getting a clear-eyed assessment of the house. Today I will share some useful tips with you that will help you in finding a good home inspector.

1.Real Estate Agent’s Referrals - Trust Worthy or Not?

It is common for real estate agents to refer you to some specific home inspectors. It is quite debatable as to whether you should trust their referrals or not.

On the positive side, if you trust the real estate agent and know that he would suggest the best for you, you should go for it. Since they work in this business, they know quite a lot of home inspectors and may actually give a good enough reference.

However, unfortunately, on the flip side, the real estate agent might give you a wrong referral. The reason is that there is a conflict of interest. The agent wants the deal to go smoothly, but the results of a home inspection can ruin a deal. So, what if the agent who has recommended a specific home inspector to you has some kind of a deal with that home inspector to not point out serious flaws. The home inspector will then think of it as his responsibility to perform a poor job so that the deal doesn’t get ruined. It is only a possibility, but such things can happen. It is not right to take risks when you are making such expensive decisions. So, unless you trust your agent and know he is honest, you should find a home inspector on your own.

2.Do Other People Like the Company You Have Chosen?

If you are interested in a home inspection company, you should look for reviews on trusted sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor to see what other people think about that company. Many clients leave reviews to let others know about their experience. If a company has 4 stars with 100+ reviews, and the other company has 5 stars with only 20 reviews you should go for the one with more reviews. This is a simple fact because the twenty 5-star reviews may be from the employers of that company. When reviews are less in number there is always a chance that they are fake.

Another way to gather information would be to ask your friends who have previously hired that company about their experience. Friends and family usually give honest and trustworthy feedback.

3.Qualifications, Certificates, and Trust.

No matter what certifications and qualifications matter a lot when it comes to selecting a good home inspection company. If a company has home inspectors certified by American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE), or the International Association of certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) you are good to go. All these associations certify home inspectors. You can go to their websites to find out more details about the local home inspectors you like, their professional certifications and their services.

4.Know The Limits

You have chosen a qualified and trained home inspection company and now you think that everything will go smoothly. Most probably, yes. Perhaps things will go smoothly, but there are always exceptions. You should always remember that the certifications and licenses do not guarantee a great home inspection. Home inspectors are all humans and they can still make mistakes. As you must know the famous saying “to err is human”. In 2018, an agency hired 12 different home inspection companies to inspect a house with three-bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and attic. None of the home inspectors could find all the hidden flaws in the house. Some even missed obvious problems like leaks in the sink of the kitchen, signs of rodents, and roof damage. Many inspectors rush through things. So, there is a great chance the ones you hire will end up missing big problems. If you get the feeling that your home inspector is rushing through things, feel free to let them know how you feel by telling them to calm down and go through things a bit more slowly.

5.Compare Reports

Always ask to see a sample home inspection report. Many home inspectors now have inspection reports on their websites. If you succeed in finding one yourself, that’s great. Otherwise, you can simply ask the company to give you a sample home inspection report so that you can see how thorough the inspection will be. It is also quite wise to compare home inspection reports of different companies. Once you do that, you will be able to see which company is presenting the information in the best way possible and which one is just filling up the pages.

6.Experience & Training Matter

Nobody gets perfect at the job just by passing some tests and courses. So even if the inspector is certified, you should make sure he has sufficient experience and training to conduct a detailed home inspection. Do this especially if the house you are going to buy is old. Old houses usually have many hidden flaws, much more than the new ones. Only an experienced and trained home inspector will be able to find all the defects and damages inside the house.

7.Talk About Money

There are many people who hesitate when asking about the charges, but remember, it is your right to know how much you will be charged for a service. So don’t hesitate and confidently ask the home inspection company to give you an estimate of inspection charges according to the size and location for your house. This is because there are no fixed charges for home inspection. Once you know how much a company will charge you for home inspection, you can compare the cost with other home inspection companies and choose the one that is the most feasible out of all.

If you want to hire a company forHome Inspection Peachtree city, I would like to recommendEdifice Inspections. All their home inspectors are ASHI certified and have received multiple good reviews over the years from the clients. They are the best choice, especially if you are in a hurry. They provide home inspection reports to all their clients in less than 24 hours. So, if you are in a hurry, you should consider them. You won’t have to wait for days just to receive your inspection report. I hope this article will help you find a good home inspector. Good luck!

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