Ah, the Jersey Shore. Hearing these words, some people may automatically think of the infamous reality show from MTV, and others may think of a dirty kind of Atlantic Ocean. Well for Jersey natives, flashes of boardwalk lights and boogie boards in the ocean enter our minds and we are automatically transported to amazing memories with family and friends alike.

If you are a Jersey native, or not even close to being one, let me remind you why or the reasons why the Shore is so special in your life. And for those of you who wouldn't think a clue about something good to say about this place, let me give at least 10.

HELLO, the beach is there!

Although New Jersey is often deemed "the armpit of the world," there is no denying the fact that we have beaches along most of our coast. No matter where you live in the state, you're only two hours away from the beach, and this is NOT something most of the other states of America can say. The water may not be crystal clear, but there's sun, sand, and an ocean, so it just has to count.

It's the perfect trip for you to have with family, friends, AND classmates.

The Jersey Shore is known for being the destination for family vacations, day trips with friends, and the host of the after party for a Prom Weekend bash. No matter the reason for your stay by the sea, it is always bound to be a fantastic time.

Everyone has their favorite Jersey Shore town.

What most non-Jersey natives don't know about the shore is that there are so many different towns that everyone has their own preference to where they like to go, as well as for the different events (i.e. Reason #2). Some beach towns are made for family getaways (like Avalon and Wildwood) and there are others that seem more for the party people (like Belmar and Seaside Heights). All of the DTS residencies are special in their own way, but any Jersey person will defend their personal favorite 'till the end.

The infinite amount of ice cream shops and Wawas.

When you go to the beach, of course, you're going to crave endless amounts of ice cream; well, the Jersey Shore has got you covered for miles. Each town has their endless supply of original homegrown ice cream shops, as well as the infamous Kohrs custard chain, that they line up on street blocks and boardwalk stands as far as the eye can see. And let's not forget about Jersey's staple convenience store: Wawa. Need I say more?

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Boardwalks- 'nuff said.

The boardwalk is an iconic attribute to most of the Jersey Shore towns that make life by the beach even better (if that was possible). From Point Pleasant's Jenkinson's Boardwalk to Wildwood's two-mile boards complete with Morey's Piers, there is always something new to discover on the various boardwalks of the Jersey Shore. Boardwalk food, arcades, bike riding, amusement park rides, water parks, mini-golf, carnival games, tiny shops... it's all here.

It's all historical- literally!

Most people may not see it, but the Jersey Shore holds some pretty historical substance within its borders. For example, Atlantic City plays as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, while Wildwood is known for being the center of all things Doo Wop; Cape May poses as the Victorian town of the present day, and Asbury Park is home to one of Jersey's homebred rock star Bruce Springsteen. While there is so much more history waiting to be uncovered all over the state, there is no doubt that the Jersey Shore is home to a lot of it, as well.

It's a cheaper and more convenient getaway.

Not everyone has the time or money to get to the tropical islands of the Caribbean or even to the faraway lands of Florida, so what's better than having your own getaway in your home state? The Jersey Shore, no matter where you live, is far enough to get out of your hometown and have some fun in the sun while saving you some big cash you'd spend somewhere else doing the same things. Even though it's not home to the fanciest beaches on Earth, it does make a great place to get away for a while, whatever the occasion.

Fresh seafood galore.

Okay, so not everyone is a BIG seafood person, but the fact that we have fresh seafood every day along the coast is something else. Sure, it's not like the lobsters or fish in Boston or Maine, but it's pretty damn close in taste factor.

They have staple attractions.

Each Jersey Shore town has its own staple attraction, whether it be big or small. From the infamous Lucy the Elephant in Margate City, to the Victorian houses of Cape May, there are tons of museums and sites all over the Eastern Jersey seaboard.

It's a "home away from home."

No matter what kind of Jersey native you talk to, almost every person will tell you why the shore means so much to them. While each person has their most favorite shore town (Wildwood is mine!), it may be because of the family vacations or the memories made there, from trips with friends when they were young. Even though their fave shore town may not be their hometown, it's still a place that some people refer to it as, no matter where they are.