Best Things About A Long-Term Relationship
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Best Things About A Long-Term Relationship

Better than Netflix and Chill.

Best Things About A Long-Term Relationship

“How have you lasted so long?”

“You guys are practically married.”

“Don’t you ever get bored?”

These are things I have heard several times as I have been in a relationship for almost five years now.

Tommy and I started dating in high school as sophomores and are now juniors in college. Nobody takes high school relationships seriously, but I knew right from the start I really, really had someone special. Most days it doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long, other days I feel like I have known him forever. It feels like we’ve really grown up with each other. I’m no relationship expert, but I can tell you the best things (well, what I think are the best) about being in a serious relationship.

1. You always have a cheerleader.

Oh, I think I’ve found myself a cheerleader. Yes, he really is always there when I need him. Sorry guys, I really just had to spit that one out.

But seriously, every day I know I have someone to cheer for me in my accomplishments and cheer me up when I’m having a rough day. While I’m by no means a dependent person, I love that I always have someone there to support me. And I know he knows I’ll do the same for him.

2. You always have a date.

Dance? Wedding? Party? We’re basically a package deal. I never have to worry about attending an event alone and I’ve always got someone to talk to at a function where I either don’t want to be or don’t know anybody else. Plus, it’s an excuse for us to get dressed up and take photos I know he definitely doesn’t want to take.

3. You have someone to do, well, nothing with.

No, not Netflix and chill, kiddos. On the opposite spectrum, I love having days and nights where we just stay in, hang out in comfy clothes and watch football or movies. We have study dates, and sometimes that just turns into dumb things like us making Dubsmash videos. So whether we are all dressed up for a nice dinner or just lounging around eating pizza, it’s all still fun for me.

4. You basically adopt a second family.

Spending quite a bit of time with Tommy means I’ve also spent quite a bit of time with his family (and vice versa). I have double the Facebook friends and double the holiday festivities to attend. And while no one can replace my totally awesome family (seriously, they’re the greatest), it’s cool that I also get to have the second coolest family as mine too.

5. You enjoy the present and also the thought of the future.

I’ve been able to meet some incredible people I get to call my friends and have had some awesome experiences with them so far in college, and I’m also glad I have someone else to share the excitement with alongside me on other days. When I hear other people complain about who they hung out with or hooked up with for the weekend, I’m thankful I found the best.

Besides enjoying the present, knowing I have someone who wants to share my future with me is exciting too. I feel like we both work a little harder because we think about more than ourselves. If I’ve spent the past five years of my life ridiculously happy, why wouldn’t I want to keep that going? (Wow, that sounds so cheesy, but I’m speaking the truth. So I’m not sorry)

These are just a few reasons why being in a long-term relationship is the bees knees (do people still say that?). Well, at least they do when they’re in a good relationship. We’re by no means perfect. Sometimes I get mad at the dumbest things and I know Tommy gets irritated with me too, but I think that’s part of every relationship.

So no, I never get bored and really, I don’t know the key element to our relationship lasting so long. But I do know that I love it and I don’t regret a dang thing.

*Cue aws*

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