The music goddess Taylor Swift is coming out with new music and it has made me listen to her older songs and albums. I have picked out the seven best songs from her seven albums and here is what I recommend listening to:

1. "Picture to Burn"

From the "Taylor Swift" album, this classic country Taylor Swift song calls out the boy who screwed her over and treated her badly. This was the beginning of her break up songs and one to blare in the car. Play this one loud and proud when that one boy treats you bad and wastes your time.

2. "You Belong With Me"

From the Fearless album, this is a song that has probably described every girl and the boy they liked at some point. It is extremely relatable and will never ever get old.

3. "Mine"

From the "Speak Now" album, this song's music video is one of my favorites. It just tells a really good story in the lyrics of a cute love story.

4. "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

From the "Red" album, this is the newly single girl ANTHEM. Pop Taylor Swift has arrived and I am living for it. Another song to shout in the car.

5. "New Romantics"

From the "1989" album, Taylor Swift is here to stay and this song is one of the highlights from this album. I don't why, but the music and the lyrics in this song are just so good.

6. "Dancing With Our Hands Tied"

From the "Reputation" album, this song stands out the most to me. I think it is very unique sounding and I have been recently listening to it on repeat.

7. "ME!"

Well, we don't know what the new album is and this is the only song out so far and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT! I cannot wait to see what Taylor has in store for us next. She is full of surprises. I can tell it is going to be a pop album but I am patiently waiting for her to do a full circle and make a country album.