10 Of The Best Songs By Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic consists of two brothers and their longtime friend. Mitchel and Clinton Cave and their friend/co-member Christian Anthony write and produce dark, alternative music. The Australian band became an underground sensation with their raunchy lyrics and mixture of pop, R&B, and punk rock. If you are unfamiliar with Chase Atlantic then here are some songs you should definitely listen to.


This song may trigger some people who are religious, so for those people, take the lyrics with a grain of salt. I LOVE this song because the lyrics are really out there and are very sexual like the rest of their songs. My favorite lyrics are "Sex, blood, fashion dripping holy water" and "Devilish, f*****g with my guys, yuh I make sacrifices, you make lies up."


Again with the lyrics about religion and sex, Chase Atlantic talks about church being sex and it reveals how sex is beautiful between two people. "I'm about to take you back to church" and "Speaking in tongues yeah we ain't done yet, yeah." This song along with Devilish can offend some religious people. "Church" resembles The Weeknd's earlier work because of the lyrics in the song.


I interpret the song "Swim" as one of the members of the band meeting a girl and having intense sexual feeling and having a fun, wild adventure. "The water's getting colder. Let me in your ocean, swim. Out in California, I'll be forward stroking, swim." These lyrics really give the point of the song, but also stays in your head for days. The music video is great but can trigger individuals with epilepsy.

"What You Call That"

This song discusses drugs and not really being accepted by the band member's significant other's family. "I don't wanna spend time with your family." "Cause I'm afraid I'll run my mouth and start rambling, wait I know that your dad doesn't like me." The song later talks about fighting with the brother and doing more drugs. It is the techno sounds and the voice of Mitchel, Clinton, and Christian's voice that illuminates the song.

"Like a Rockstar"

This song is about partying so hard that they end up dying they would die like a stereotypical rockstar. The band does not shy away from singing about drugs and sex and this song is the anthem for those two things. "Take drugs, Stay high," is definitely a promotion to get high, which can be viewed negatively by some listeners. Moreover, Mitchel's vocals in this song are fire.


In "Friends," Mitchell sings about not being good enough for his current partner and her friends waiting on the girl to move on and find a better boyfriend.

"All of your friends have been here for too long
They must be waiting for you to move on."

The song is great for individuals who feel insecure about their significant other and need a relevant song to vibe with.

"Just give me some time and space to realize. That you were busy lying sleeping 'round with other guys." Prior to these lyrics, Mitchel discusses his love interest being into the relationship but being scared that she'll run away with his heart.


The song "GreenGreenGreen" is about money, weed, and wealth and how those three things can bring happiness in a world that is materialistic.

"Different colored pills, I got orange, red, green, blue. I would pick green but she wouldn't let me choose." Again Chase Atlantic's songs have drugs in their lyrics so it might get repetitive. This is more fast pace so it's great to listen to it while on the bus to school or taking a shower or at a party.

Ultimately, this song is made for people that love materialistic things.

"Dancer in the Dark"

"Dancer in the Dark" is about an anonymous woman who seems to be depressed and hates the life she's living.

"Don't let 'em see your depression, no it's not right."

"She's been dancing with the devil all night." is a verse that I am having a hard time interpreting because the devil could have many meanings. The song does have a catchy melody and bridge, so expect to be singing the song in your head.


"I've been outside for a long damn time, and I figured, how this might go down." In the music video for this song the main girl or love interest is cheating on the boys or specifically on Mitchel, so they drive real fast to a mansion where the girl is with the other man. This song is intense, so keep that in mind.


"Now" delves into the topic of personal demons and a relationship with unhealthy tendencies. "I'm up in the forest trying to kill demons," Mitchel who sings the intro sings about having to face up to some personal issues that do cause him to resort to drugs. I particularly enjoy this song because Christian Anthony sings a couple of verses.

If you are a fan of The Weeknd, Blackbear, and The Neighbourhood then you will definitely vibe with Chase Atlantic. Go on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify and binge listen to all their songs.

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