10 Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch on Netflix
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10 Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch on Netflix

Because I know you need a few recommendations.

10 Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch on Netflix

We all have posted on social media with a call to arms for everyone we know to list what they recommend on Netflix. Well, now there is a list so you don't have to do that anymore.

Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in their cases. Each episode starts and ends with an inspirational quote related to that day's episode. Besides being loaded with terminology, it features so many killers and the reasons behind why they do what they do.

Jane The Virgin


Jane Gloriana Villanueva is has a boring life. She's a 20-something devout Catholic who lives with both her mother and grandmother. She prides herself on being a pure virgin. While being serviced by a hysterical doctor during a routine check up, Jane was artificially inseminated with someone else's sperm, getting the virgin pregnant!!



Based in Memphis, Greenleaf follows a pastor and his family as they sort through a family member's suicide, someone's father coming out as homosexual, a rival church plotting to take their church members, and more.

Black Mirror


Black Mirror is unique because every episode features different characters, plot, and subtopic. The general topic of the show is technology and how we interact with it. Life imitates art as the characters find some cool new tech based game or product, yet that same great technology can be used for evil or simply just turn out to not have a positive imapact.



Oliva Pope is a positive onscreen portrayal of a powerful woman of color. She has a strong team that helps many politicians get caught and accounted for, as well as her personal navigation of the many political twists and turns concerning her parent's identity, her relationship with the president, and more.

Black Lightning


You've heard of Black Panther, but this is Black Lightning. Black lightning is a local superhero that gained his power from a secret government experiment. He uses that power to save kidnapped children, locate rogue cops, and overall help people within the community. He later puts his power aside to start a family. However, the government still has their eye on this community for human experimentation, much like the real-life human experimentation called the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Therefore, he has to re-awaken his ability and dusk off his skills to save not only the community, but his family.

The Umbrella Academy


On the same exact day, 43 children were born to mothers that were not pregnant on the morning they gave birth. These 43 products of immaculate conception were sought after by one man. He only obtained seven of the children.

These seven went on to form "The Umbrella Academy". They were each given a number of importance by their caretaker depending on what special talent or gift they had, down to the gift-less number seven. Numbers 1- 6 went on to fight crimes like any other superhero group until they one by one grew up and left the Academy.

The death of their caretaker brings them back together one last time and the learn the truth thing their caretaker was preparing them to fight all of those years.

On My Block


High school. It can go so many different ways for you and your friends. On My Block follows four friends as they transverse through a neighborhood gang and their rivals, death, relationships, and the fluidity of high school friendships.

Big Mouth


We are all going through changes. Big Mouth just addresses them in humor, albeit, sometimes crude humor. The show follows a group of middle schoolers and their inner dialogue as they face puberty.

Good Girls


Three friends that are also mothers are falling upon financial hardship. One's house is in foreclosure, one is a single mother, and one has a child with an illness. With nowhere left to turn, they decide to rob a local grocery store. They get a lot more money than they bargained for and are finally seeings a light at the end of the tunnel. A few days later, however, they learn the truth of why a small grocery store was loaded with hundreds of thousands of dollars in its safe and the three friends soon find themselves neck deep in illegal activities.

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