15 Binge-Worthy TV Series On Netflix to Watch Over Christmas Break
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15 Binge-Worthy TV Series On Netflix to Watch Over Christmas Break

It really is the best time of the year.

15 Binge-Worthy TV Series On Netflix to Watch Over Christmas Break

As final exams, wrap-up, and the semester comes to an end it's time to relax. Here are some great shows to watch while you stay nice and cozy over the holidays.

1.The Crown

the crown tea GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

2. The Queen's Gambit

Chess GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

3. Schitt's Creek

alexis rose GIF by Schitt's Creek Giphy

4. Emily In Paris

Netflix GIF by Mashable Giphy

5. You

happy penn badgley GIF by Lifetime Giphy

6. Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries GIF by FILMRISE Giphy

7. The Keepers


8. Nurse Jackie

hug it out texas rangers GIF Giphy

9. Grey's Anatomy

greys anatomy GIF by ABC Network Giphy


11. Selena: The Series

selena GIF Giphy

12. Queer Eye

season 3 netflix GIF by Queer Eye Giphy

13. Tiger King

Big Cats GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

14. Cheer

Sassy Mood GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

15. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Mindy Kaling GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

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