9 Best Seasons In TV History
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9 Best Seasons In TV History

The golden age of TV rings true with these magnificent examples of storytelling.

9 Best Seasons In TV History

With television shows getting better and better as the years go by, it is always good to look back and see what shows stand out among the rest.

Here are 9 seasons of television that have stood out to me over time. Each of these seasons had the powerful ability to make audiences forget the world they live in and transport them into the worlds these shows brought to life.

1. Fargo, Season 1

Following the intertwining stories of a bumbling insurance salesman (Martin Freeman), a for-hire assassin (Billy Bob Thornton) and an ambitious Deputy (Marrisa Tolman), this spinoff of the classic 1996 Coen Brothers film shines on its own merit in this 10-episode thrill ride.

2. Hannibal, Season 2

In a gruesome yet beautifully shot season 2, Hannibal Lecter must manage to stay one step ahead of the FBI agents on the trail of a series of murders, cannibalism, and betrayal in this suspenseful but thrilling 2nd season.

3. American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson

Following the "Trial of the Century" from start to finish, this single season of television joins the ranks of other fantastic shows with superb writing, directing, and acting.

4. True Detective, Season 1

As two Louisiana detectives try and solve a murder over a 17 year period, audiences will be floored by powerhouse performances by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrison. Benefiting from having the same writer and director for all 8 episodes, "True Detective" feels more like an 8-hour movie rather than a television show.

5. The Sopranos, Season 2

Following the events of season 1, Season 2 raises the stakes on all fronts for Tony Soprano and his two families, actual and mafia. Friends turning into FBI informants, long-lost family members, returning home, and sleeping with the fishes are all present in this era-defining television series.

6. The Wire, Season 4

Following the city of Baltimore's political scene, police, and school systems, as well as the drug game, "The Wire" still manages to have a fresh and living feeling of authenticity to realism that is unmatched in television.

7. Breaking Bad, Season 4

Meth drug manufacturer Walter White (Bryan Cranston) must always be thinking one step ahead of the police, his business, and his boss/rival Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) in an action-packed season with an explosive season finale.

8. The Knick, Season 1

In 1900, modern medicine has not been perfected yet. Clive Owen gives a mesmerizing performance as Dr. John Thackery, an ambitious and talented surgeon who tries to save his patients with techniques never seen before on the operating table.

9. Game of Thrones, Season 4

Game of Thrones turns things up another notch in its fourth season. Weddings, trials, and family all have new meaning in this genre-transcending show.

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