If you have Pica, you definitely know what it is without a definition. But for those of you who don't, Pica is defined as, "a tendency or craving to eat substances other than normal food (such as clay, plaster, or ashes), occurring during childhood or pregnancy, or as a symptom of disease".

One of the most common things that someone with Pica might crave, myself included, is ice. Although this is probably the healthiest option out of all of the things people with Pica could crave, it come with its challenges as well.

Not only is it super bad for your teeth, I'm ALWAYS thinking about where and how I'm going to get my hands on some ice. And not just any ice, because I definitely have my favorites. I will drive for miles and pay any amount to get a cup my favorite ice.

For all of my fellow ice chewers out there, here are the best drive-thru places to get the most chewable ice for when your next craving hits:

1. Sonic

My all time favorite ice comes from Sonic. This ice is definitely a treat for me because I don't have one close to school so I only have it when I go home. Their ice is shaped like nuggets and is super airy, making it easy on your teeth (and actually totally safe to chew).

My favorite way to eat Sonic ice is in a cup of Sprite. The ice soaks up the flavor perfectly!

2. Chick-fil-A

A close runner up to Sonic is definitely Chick-fil-A. Their ice is a very similar shape and texture to Sonic's, making it almost crushed and super easy to eat. The only downside is that Chick-fil-A ice is slightly larger than Sonic, but that does come in handy when you don't want it to melt.

My favorite way to eat Chick-fil-A ice is by itself!

3. McDonald's

It may not be my favorite, but the ice I find myself eating the most comes from McDonald's. Not only is there one on literally every other corner, a large soda is only a dollar!

My favorite way to eat McDonald's ice is with Sprite. However, the cubes are large so I wait 30-60 minutes for them to melt down to a smaller size.

4. Starbucks

As weird as it may sound, Starbucks has some of the best tasting ice (yes, they all do taste different). For being in a cubed shape, the ice is relatively soft and chewable.

My favorite way to eat Starbucks ice is in an iced chai latte. Just like with McDonald's, I drink the drink first to allow the cues time to get smaller.

5. Speedway

Certainly the best for your teeth, but also the least satisfying to chew, is Speedway's slushies. You lose the crunch of the ice, which is something I enjoy, but the smoothness of the crushed ice is unmatched.

My favorite way to eat Speedway ice is in a Mountain Dew slushee, with a spoon so I can actually chew it, of course.