7 Pinterest Boards Everyone Needs To Have
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7 Pinterest Boards Every Pinner Needs To Have, Whether You're Brand New Or A Seasoned Pro

I have an obsession with Pinterest.

Hannah Reann

Looking for inspiration? A new drink/food recipe? How about a way to switch up your current look? The answer is Pinterest. Not only can you find ideas for an outfit, but you can plan for your future classroom/office, dream house, or the day when you get to say "I Do" to the love of your life. Pinterest has the answer to everything — well, almost everything.

I decided to start a new idea while writing for Odyssey. I wanted to give my readers a peek into my life, hence the name. Creative? I know. Anyway, here are some of my Pinterest boards to use for inspiration on what to add to your own Pinterest.

Future Apartment

As I start to come up onto my junior year of college (halfway done, yay), I look forward to FINALLY getting to move out of the small dorms and into my own apartment. I know some people who would rather live in the college dorms every year but not me. I am ready to be able to cook my own food, have my friends visit without getting harassed by RAs, and not having to check in at the front desk staff when I arrive at my dorm after curfew. Obviously, I look forward to mostly decorating my apartment with things that scream "This is definitely Hannah's apartment!"

Sweet Treats

Everyone has the typical "food" Pinterest board. Of course, I have one, too. I hated saving everything to the same board, especially when I have 150+ pins. I decided to make a desserts/sweets board in order to end that late night sweet craving I always have. Who doesn't love desserts, anyway?


As stated in the above, I was tired of searching through an endless amount of pins just to find the one I wanted. I thought creating this board would allow me to hold a place for coffee, tea, lemonade, and all of my other drink necessities/interest.


Need a new hair color idea? Or, a new skincare routine? Pinterest is the way to go. There are plenty of pins that give ideas for skincare, haircare, beauty routines, and anything else beauty related. Currently, mine is full of new hair color ideas — I need a switch up. And, is it really a Pinterest account if you do not have a beauty board?

Future Wedding

Am I preparing too early? Probably. Will I stop looking at dresses, rings, or themes? Never. I love planning out the details of my life. No matter how far in advance it is. Please do not judge. Almost every girl has a board dedicated to our future day.

Future Classroom

I am currently studying to be a high school English teacher. I cannot wait to be able to add those extra details that say "Wow, this is well put together classroom!" I have future lesson plans, decorations, and other ideas that will help make a classroom a comfortable learning place.


I love to cook and love to find new recipes. Pinterest is the perfect place to hunt down a new dinner recipe. Most of them turn out just like the picture!

That is all of my Pinterest boards for now. I cannot wait to continue to grow my page and share it with everyone! What is your #1 Pinterest board?

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