Ahh, yes. It's finally that time of year again.

The time of year when all us college students have returned to our homes and are more than ready to begin our break.

Now that the fall semester is long gone, we're happy to enjoy all the things that make home, home.

Here are some things that I'm always happy to enjoy at home:

Your dogs.

Because furry friends are the best and are always dearly missed.

Your bed.

There's nothing quite like climbing into your own bed and getting the best sleep you've had in months.

Your hometown.

Sure, there will always be certain people you try to avoid when you're home, but you'll always love the place you grew up in, because so many countless memories have been created there.

Your friends.

The list of people you still talk to from high school has certainly diminished as the years have gone by, but you're so happy to see those people from that list again.

Your lifestyle.

No matter where home is for you, there's no doubt that the way you live at home is completely different than how you live at college. It's nice to get back to your old lifestyle.

Your family.

By far, this is the best part of coming back home. Your family will always be there for you, and it's so great to see them again.