The Best Thing About My Freshman Year Of College Was My Dorm Hall
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The Best Thing About My Freshman Year Of College Was My Dorm Hall

To my hall, thanks for making living on campus better than it seemed.

The Best Thing About My Freshman Year Of College Was My Dorm Hall

Dear Edwards 2NW,

First of all I hope none of you actually click on the link to read this because I’ll be low key embarrassed but also it’s fine.

Lately all I’ve been able to think about is getting out of here. I’m counting down the weeks, days, hours I have left until I can leave. The minutes until I can be home instead of stressing about school. But then I stop for a minute and think about everything I’m leaving behind, including all of you, and it makes me sad. It's bittersweet and feels like an end when it's only just beginning.

There have been a lot of good things about freshman year, but you guys were a major highlight. I don’t know what other people’s experiences were like in their halls but I’m pretty sure ours was the best. Experiencing the culture shock that is coming to college was a whole lot easier because of all of you.

I’ve got to give a big shout out to my roommate for always listening to me rant about life and dealing with me after I get back from a long run and can’t stop talking because I’m still riding the runner’s high. I’m also really glad we’re super similar otherwise I’m not sure how this whole living situation would’ve worked out. Thanks for always taking out the trash because I would wait until it was overflowing. Thanks for driving me everywhere and picking up food for me. Honestly you were a blessing, I could probably write an entire article about you.

Another major shout out is needed for our RA. You had the privilege of putting up with our weirdly close hall for the entire year. Thank you so much for all you do. I appreciate it more than I say and more than you know. I'm really going to miss you next year. I am beyond grateful to have had you as my RA to help the crazy transition from not only high school to college but from living dependently to independently. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

To everyone, you are all so kind, accepting, funny and a little wild sometimes (also a few of you like running and I love running, if you don’t end up coming to Striders this year, I better see you there next year).

College is weird and stressful and crazy and fun and I’m glad i got to experience my first year with all of you guys to come back to every day.

Thank you for the hall dinners which always consisted of us laughing at something stupid for too long or doing something seemingly pointless to prove a point- like filling up a sugar cone versus a cake cone with M’n’Ms to see which one could hold more (I still say it was equal), or justifying why it’s ok to eat four cookies.

Thanks for the football games.

Thanks for letting me tag along wherever and always inviting me places.

Thanks for trips to Horsetooth, beach volleyball games, and various other activities.

Thanks for the boy advice and randomly coming into my room to talk to me about life.

Thanks for kickboxing classes with Diane, and other gym days.

Thanks for shower talks and gossip.

Thanks for somehow being the exact same type of honors student as me- motivated but not.

Thanks for forcing me out of my room to play soccer because it's nice outside.

Thanks for being people I could rely on and the best people to come home to after a school day.

I could go on and probably left out a few highlights but I think you get the picture... thanks for being you.

It’s gonna be super weird not living with 30 other people next year. I'll miss you guys but I can't wait to visit each other at our apartments. 2NW will always have a special place in my heart. I love you all.
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