10 Times "The Good Place" Was The Best Show On Television

10 Times "The Good Place" Was The Best Show On Television

When an Arizona dirtbag, an idiot DJ, a narcissistic monster, a robot, and a demon made us believe in humanity.


The Good Place ends next year, so it's only right to make this list now. This show has had so many amazing moments that it is hard to pick just ten. All of the characters are both hilarious, complex, emotional, and inspirational. The message of this show is based on improvement and betterment of self. It is based on putting goodness into the world by helping others. What better foundation for a show? On top of that, it is so funny and smart. Everyone should add this to their Netflix queue! And if you already watch, hopefully this list includes some of your favorite moments!

1. The "Reveal"


The season one finale was epic. Everyone loves a good plot surprise, and this is one of the best I've ever seen. I definitely didn't expect it, and it wasn't a twist that changed the show in a negative way. It fit perfectly into the story, and added that bit of drama the characters needed! Plus, the acting of Ted Danson is just amazing in this scene.

2. Chidi and Eleanor's "Memories You May Have Forgotten"


This show really knows how to make you feel all sappy! Chidi deciding to have his memories erased in order to save humanity was a real blow, but the writers definitely softened it with this little movie of moments between the main couple. Dare I say, this ship is up there with Jim and Pam goodness after this scene. It is the same writer, after all!

3. Eleanor choosing to improve on Earth


The beginning of season three was very real. Eleanor had a near-death experience and decided to become a better person. For months she worked hard to improve, but they didn't make it as perfect as that. Being good is difficult! The world won't always pay it forward. But that's the whole point. She learned that doing good isn't to get things in return, it's to put goodness into the world no matter what.

4. Tahani standing up to her parents


If you've ever had a bully or a hard relationship with your parents, this scene definitely got to you. For the first time, Tahani stopped trying to live up to their unrealistic expectations. It didn't mean she was holding herself back or stopped improving, but the opposite. She saw that her worth came from within, not from their approval. Instead of being upset with them, she wished them happiness and moved on with her life. The growth we've seen with this character has been phenomenal.

5. Chidi realizing there is no "Answer"


The midseason finale was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen. Chidi is such an interesting character and watching him grow from an anxious boy to a self-assured man was beautiful. It took a new spin on his personality in that he always wanted to find the right answer to problems. He thought if he could, it would mean he could save the world like he saved his parents. He was just so terrified of choosing the wrong answer. He had to learn that the weight of the world's problems weren't on his shoulders, and that answer's must be found each day, not all at once.

6. Jason telling Tahani to be nicer to herself


The bond between these two characters is so sweet and it started from this moment. In one of Tahani's lowest points, Jason was one of the first people to give her a real compliment. It showed that she could just be herself and not try so hard to impress people. That she was enough, which is something we all need to learn! This is one of Jason's best moments, because he is always able to find the right words to help people believe in themselves.

7. Michael saves The Soul Squad


Near the end of season two, Shaun returns and Michael seems to be against the group for majority of the episode. Despite this, the team decides to take a leap of faith and believe in their friend. When they are reunited, Michael's show of emotion and fear for his friends is so meaningful. It showed that anyone can change when they are shown love.

8. When Chidi wears a pink Wine shirt and eats Marshmallow Peeps


When I say William Jackson Harper is a National Treasure, I am 99% taking that from this episode. Chidi having a meltdown while grocery shopping and then teaching a lecture while making chili is iconic. His song makes it even better, and honestly if you need any reason to watch this show this is it.

9. Janet and Jason's wedding


I love this show because so many of the moments are so off the cuff and random. Janet and Jason are such an odd pairing but this wedding was so funny to watch. With Jason's sleeveless tuxedo, Tahani's platinum extensions, and Chidi repeatedly saying "What?" in all caps while watching the bride and groom dance in the background, this is one of those episodes you just have to see to believe.

10. The Soul Squad having a dance party


The night they realize they are doomed (or so they thought), the team decides to dance their troubles away. This episode is actually really sweet and shows how much each of the characters have grown. You can't help but get a little misty-eyed seeing their bond with each other. The best part of this show is how these five (six, including Janet) people found each other and helped one another improve. That is what makes The Good Place such a powerful story.

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