Even during the dark year in which Vine officially shut down, the Internet still found a way to make light of literally every situation. The memes somehow became even funnier than 2016's "Damn Daniel." Day after day, the Internet continued to find ways to break itself, giving us the hope that maybe we can continue on without Vine.

In case you've forgotten all of the treasures this year has brought, here's a compiled list of 2017's most iconic memes:

1. Salt bae

2. Student athlete tweets

3. You're doing amazing, sweetie

4. What is u doing

5. Cash me ousside

6. Question mark

7. Guy blinking

8. Wot in tarnation?

9. Guy thinking

10. First of all tweets

11. Singing Meryl Streep

12. Distracted boyfriend

13. sPOnGE bOB

14. Hometown tweets

15. Pursed lips

16. The Bee Movie

17. covfefe

18. Couples costume idea

19. The floor is...

20. Shoot your shot