The U.S adaptation of "The Office" (2005-2013) has become a new obsession and a popular fandom in today's entertainment by may teens and young adults. Although the show had its finale in 2013, for the past few years, "The Office" has made its mark once again. But do you know why this show is so loveable?

The characters. The relationships. The comedy. But most importantly, THE PRANKS.

If you are an Office fan, you know Jim Halpert is the ultimate prankster and Dwight Schrute is the best person to prank. The amount of pranks Jim pulls on Dwight is hilarious and sometimes absolutely ridiculous, but how many of these can actually be pulled off by regular people? Keep reading to get some inspo on your next project on you "Dwight"


6. Did Dwight do it?

In this episode, Dwight found a small amount of marijuana on the premises of the Dunder Mifflin, which leads Dwight to take on his civil duty to identify the culprit. When called in, Jim immediately begins toying with Dwight's mind, making him believe that it maybe he was the one who took the drug. Find your most gullible friend and try reverse psychology on them. Imagine how funny that'll be.

5. Bill Buttlicker


In "Customer Survey" (episode 507), Jim and Dwight are surprised when they receive bad reviews on the annual customer survey. In order to help Dwight with his people skills, Jim and Michael set up a mock phone sale with Dwight as the Salesman and Jim as the customer.

Things get rowdy when Jim takes the new level to test Dwight, naming his character Bill Buttlicker. Testing has patience and sanity, Jim continues to drag on Bill Buttlicker's personality. Try prank calling you best friend as a paper salesman!

4. Jell-o Stapler


Pilots are always interesting and this one was no exception. From the first episode, we knew Jim and Dwight were going to be highlights in this show. Beginning the never ending prank marathon, Jim places Dwight's stapler in jell-o, allowing Michael and Ryan to make jokes and puns at the jiggly stapler. Putting something not too valuable in a jell-o will surely be a highlight of your day.

3. Faxes to future Dwight


Technically, in order for this prank to work, you would need an extremely gullible friend in order for this to work. "Branch Closing" shows Jim at the Stanford Branch of Dunder-Mifflin, but because of his close ties to the Scranton Branch, he is able to access Dwight's personal stationary. With this, he send multiple faxes from "Future Dwight" In particular scene, he tells Dwight that the coffee is poisened, making Dwight bumbard Stanley. If you can send someone fake future mail, you're probably the best prankster.

2. The Impersonation


If you are an office fan, you know "Beers. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." is a staple quote in the fandom. In this episode, "Product Recall", Jim walks into the office dressed as Dwight. He puts on a fake pair of glasses and asks Dwight, what kind of bear is the best.

When Dwight finally realizes what Jim is doing he becomes very bothered, starting that identity theft is a serious issue. Then proceeding to call his backup, Michael. I believe if you dress up and imitate one of your friends of the family, you'll definitely get a kick out of it... but they probably won't.

1. The Pavlov Experiement

From the moment I saw this prank, I knew for a fact I have to do this to someone, maybe not with Altoids specifically but the whole concept of the prank nonetheless. This is by far, one of my favorite because of how simple yet elaborate it is, making it even funnier. In this episode "Phyliss's Wedding", Jim reboots his computer, making it chime, then offering Dwight a mint.

Continuing this, Dwight become trained to think that after chime a mint follows. When the computer chimes and Jim doesn't offer an Altoid, Dwight becomes confused and his mouth waters because he wants the mint to follow. Try doing to Pavlov experiment to someone with their favorite candy and the ringer on your phone.