Top 5 Best Horror Movies On Netflix
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Top 5 Best Scary Movies On Netflix Right Now

One to satisfy your inner horror fan, or an upcoming date night.

Top 5 Best Scary Movies On Netflix Right Now

I am an avid horror movie fan, who loves to sit in the dark, alone, and watch some good horror films. Some say it's quite weird and unnatural, and while I do agree, horror movies just make you feel different. Whether that be afraid, excited, or just generally entertaining, horror movies can definitely be the go-to for your next movie night or even date night.

"The Witch"

"The Witch" is unlike any horror movie I've seen before. After a small New England family gets banished from their church in the 1600s, they move to a vast plot of land near a haunted forest where they start a new life.

"The Witch" is filled with jaw-dropping scenes where you won't believe what you're seeing, and I wouldn't expect any less from an A24 film after watching last year's "Hereditary." The movie makes you know just what you're in for in the first scene, and will break all your expectations for the film.

The best way I can describe watching "The Witch" is it feels like you're watching something you shouldn't be, considering its superior level of horror. It's like looking into a portal that takes you straight to 1600's New England, where the true fear of witches and demons builds up inside of you until the end of the movie, where you'll feel unsure of what you just witnessed.

"The Void"

"The Void" is one of my favorites for a multitude of reasons. Aside from being different from any other horror film I've seen, the special effects, music, costumes, and monsters make this film one of the biggest standouts.

"The Void" follows a sheriff and a group of people trapped inside a hospital, with cloaked cult figures surrounding. The people in the hospital, plagued with panic, fall into the hands of the cult members and terrifying mutants that riddle the hospital.

This film is just the biggest concoction of your nightmares in one 2-hour sitting. From the cult members that will send shivers up your spine in one look, to the psychological torment of the group inside the hospital, it is a terrifying film through and through.


The sole reason "Apostle" is so high on this list is because its gore and shock-value are unparalleled. The torture devices are something nobody in their right mind could create, yet here they are being used in one terrifying film.

The film takes place on a desert island in the early 1900s, where a man is on a search for his lost sister, who is walking among a sinister religious cult.

If you're a fan of gore, something I am definitely not, then definitely check this film out. It'll have you covering your eyes and curling your toes in cringe from the sheer realism of it all. Not to mention how terrifying the cult members are as they standby and watch this torture occur. The storyline of the film is decent, but the torture and setting of this film are what makes it a standout.

"Creep/Creep 2"

Where do I start with this movie? "Creep" and its sequel "Creep 2" are by far some of the scariest movies I have ever seen.

It follows a videographer who takes a job for a "dying" man, but the mans odd and erratic behavior makes him realize he may be in grave danger. This movie is a true horror film, one that made me so afraid I could only watch it once. Similar to "Blair Witch" it tells the story through found-footage, which makes the movie seem like you're truly in the videographer's shoes as he tries to escape.

Between the unnerving silence of the film, the wolf mask, and the ending scene, "Creep" and its sequel will make you remember to lock your doors and windows every night, and be wary of who you meet.

"The Ritual"

"The Ritual" is a genuinely unnerving film. A group of friends set out on a camping trip through the woods, only to be confronted by all of their inner demons and actual demons.

As the group finds themselves lost in the woods, facing the past trauma of losing their friend during an armed robbery, an ancient forest god is roaming the woods, picking its human and animal victims and impaling them high upon the branches of treetops (yes, you do see it happen from time to time).

"The Ritual" is one layered film. You feel genuinely bad for the group of guys as they try and fight off the trauma of losing their friend, and even worse when they find the cult village with members that worship the forest god. The emotions and scares make it seem quite real, which makes "The Ritual" a little scary.

However, I feel like "The Ritual" doesn't live up to the number of scares other films may provide. It's not cliche, it is a very well thought out film, but definitely on the more basic side. The ending will shock you though, so still a very good pick if you're in the mood for something weird.

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